A Letter to My Son’s Teacher at the End of the Year


Hello Everyone!!

Here is my latest on Huffington Post! I hope you enjoy it. Teachers deserve recognition of a job well done. Don’t you think?

Let us know how a teacher has impacted your life or the life of one of your children. Comment below!

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A Guest Post: From C-Section to VBAC


Good Morning Mrs. Z readers! I am so excited that I had an opportunity to do a guest post on the Millennial Mommee Blog! There was an opportunity to write about my birth story and I love listening to a woman’s birth story. So, here is mine :). Please share with new and seasoned mommas. Let us know about your unique birth story below!

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Ten Ways to Make Folding Laundry Fun (and Educational!)

folding laundry tipsLaundry. A part of life that you cannot escape. My oldest started helping me “fold” laundry when he was about 11 months. I use the word “fold” very lightly since he usually just threw the clothes out of the laundry basket. We always had fun, though. He now helps me fold, and, for a kid his age, he doesn’t fold that badly. (I sometimes refold the stuff when he isn’t looking, but that is  just for my peace of mind.) My little one is now at the stage where he takes everything out of the basket. He has started to put articles of clothing into the drawers, which lets me know he is understanding the process. (I usually take them out and fold them nicely. Again, for my peace of mind.)  (more…)

Earth Day Project–Using Materials from Around the House


Earth day is such an important concept for our kids. And not just the one day but all year round. Every little thing we do helps to protect our mother Earth. We have one planet and we need to be careful with it .
Today I want to share with you a project I did with my boys that uses materials you already have, which goes with the whole reduce, reuse, recycle mantra! (more…)

Four Things Not To Say To a Potty Training Parent

Potty Training TipsPotty training.  Hmmm…what can I say. This, so far, has been the only nuisance I have encountered on this parenting journey. Don’t worry. He won’t go to college in diapers they said. (Insert laughter here because it felt like that for awhile.) In all honesty,  it could be worse and if potty training is the hardest thing we will face in our life, then I’m all for it.  (more…)