January 27, 2014

I am going off of the food topic today. Since becoming a mommy, my morning hours have become consumed with Sesame Street.  I forgot that this show is so amazing. It has even gotten to the point where a few of my mommy friends and I email each other about the different segments. Oh the joys of motherhood!

I particularly love Crumby Pictures and Elmo the Musical. The other parts are cute but are more educationally sound. Not that I do not enjoy educationally sound segments, however, since I can already count to 10 and can say the alphabet (front and backwards might I add! Not as quickly backwards but I can do it.), the entertaining parts are what catch my attention. Crumby Pictures stars Cookie Monster. He usually portrays a character in a famous movie or show and he needs to solve a problem. One such portrayal is “Biscotti Karate”. Yes, you guessed it. This is loosely based on The Karate Kid. There is the Sensei, who is the teacher, and the Karate Squid, who catches Cookie Monster when he makes a mistake. Instead of the “Wax on, wax off” adage, he is taught to say “Biscotti on, Biscotti off” and proceeds to take a box of biscotti cookies on and off a shelf as he repeats it. It is quite comical when you watch it.

Another of my favorite Crumby Pictures is “The Hungry Games”. I’m thinking you can guess what movie this is based on. Cookie Monster must pass challenges in order to become last man standing. He is surrounded by friends, including a piece of pita bread called Pita. One challenge asks them to find a pattern in the shapes they encounter. In order to pass the challenge Cookie Monster must figure out the last shape in the pattern and then eat it. Turns out the last shape is a circle. They need to find something that is circular. The funniest part is when they all look at Pita and he looks at them like they are crazy. In the end, Cookie Monster wins the challenge, without having to eat his friend Pita.

Elmo the Musical is another entertaining segment. Elmo imagines what he could be that day and creates a play surrounding it. I saw one today where he is a chef and needs to find new recipes around the world. His first stop is to Machu Picchu. He meets the queen and she begins to sing a song that goes like this: “I’m the Queen of Machu Picchu and it is so good to meet you!”. “Meet you” sounds more like “Meetchu” but you get the picture.

One last review and then I’ll be off. I just saw a segment called “Homelamb” the other day. It is very loosely based on “Homeland”. All of the agents are lambs and are searching for the Big Bad Wolf. They want Nicholas Baa-rody to come in and help them find the big bad wolf. All of the characters names are the same, except they add a baa into it, such as Caa-rie and Saa-ul. Caa-rie sees right through Nicholas Baa-rody, who is obviously the wolf wearing a robe to look like a sheep. She even says that he is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. You got me at that one Sesame Street! Keep them coming!

It really is the little things in this show that are so fascinating. Kuddos to the writers of this show!

How do you all feel about Sesame Street? Are there any other kid’s shows out there that tickle your funny bone? Comment below!

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