February 18, 2014

I wanted to pass on another cool idea! I know I enjoy buying natural foods in the store. However, it can be costly. It is not cheap buying healthy. There have been many times where I pass up an item because, in my mind, it was way too expensive.

Then I was watching Extreme Couponing on TLC a few months back. Yes, I am a huge TLC fan. The shows will probably rot my brain but I love all of those cheesy shows! Back to Extreme Couponing. There was one woman who loved to buy healthy foods as well. She had the best advice ever. If you look at the back of the package of food, the company usually gives you a phone number to call for questions or comments. She claimed that if you call the company, you can ask for coupons. Well, I had to try it. So, one day I took out some of the products we bought often. At the time my son was on pureed foods and he was eating the Earth’s Best brand. I dialed up the 800 number and said how my son loves their food and asked if they offer coupons. The woman said of course and asked for my address. Since it was so easy, I called up several other companies and went through the same process.

Two weeks later my mailbox was flooded with coupons from the companies! Some places sent three or four coupons! Then others only sent one. It didn’t bother me at all. To me, it was a gold mine! I now call up every few weeks for coupons to brands that don’t normally offer coupons in the local newspaper. I don’t know how long they will keep sending them or if they track how often you call and put a limit on how many coupons one customer can receive. I will keep trying, though!

It really is a great feeling knowing you can eat healthy and save money at the same time! Hope you enjoy the idea!

Do any of you have cost saving tips for eating healthy? Or just plain old cost saving tips? Comment below! :)

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  1. That is so smart! I would have never thought of that. Something I do to save on some healthy foods is try to buy in bulk when I can. There is a brand of organic flax seed oatmeal that I think is really tasty but kind of expensive at the supermarket. So, because it won’t go bad, I buy it by the case (6 boxes at a time) on amazon.

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