I am glad there has been so much talk about food in the news lately. There is a new food label on the horizon. I think it is a step, however, a very small step, in the right direction. It is definitely important to know how much sodium, sugar, etc., you are consuming. And the fact that they are making the serving sizes a lot clearer to consumers is great too. I think we need to start looking into the ingredients if you ask me.

I saw this post the other day and it just made me sick :(. (I warn you: The image may bother you. This is a reality that needs to be stopped!) Unfortunately, palm oil is found in so many of our foods. It is actually not good for you at all. Especially if you see the words partially hydrogenated in front of them. That means it is processed in a lab. It also turns into trans fats when absorbed into the body and goes straight to the heart. Scary, huh? Not only are we hurting ourselves, but the poor animals that get in the way of the collection of this palm oil are hurt as well.

I have mentioned it before, but I will say it again: Try buying foods with 5 or less ingredients. Trust me, it is super difficult! I’m still working on changing all of the groceries in my pantry. After awhile, though, it does become easier and easier. And don’t try to change all of the brands that you buy in one shopping order. It will drive you crazy (trust me, I know from experience!). Try looking for one item that you buy often and  make the change slowly. Then the next week you can look for another item and go from there.  There are many options for us to choose from.  It just takes time to find them. Sometimes, that search becomes useless.  For example, I was in the grocery store the other day and I had to buy breadcrumbs. As I looked at each brand’s ingredients, each one had one thing in common: partially hydrogenated palm oil. I wound up not buying any of them. I did, however, find a super simple  recipe for making breadcrumbs.  Making it yourself could be another alternative.

What are your thoughts on the new food label? Any suggestions for finding healthier alternatives? I’d love to hear from you!

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