In a previous post I mentioned that I made my own breadcrumbs and I also posted a link. Well, let me just tell you: it was super easy!!! I was so disappointed by all of the preservatives in the brands at the store. I must have  looked at 6 different brands and they all had either corn syrup or partially hydrogenated something. So depressing what commercial brands put into our food.


So, back to the super easy breadcrumbs.  As you can see by the picture, I cut up a loaf of Italian bread and put them in the oven at 250 degrees. You can really choose any type of bread you want. Next time, I’m thinking of trying a whole grain bread.  The recipe said to bake them for 30 minutes. However, mine took about 60 minutes all in all. I guess maybe next time I will try putting the oven at 300 degrees or cut thinner slices.


After the pieces cooled, I made them into breadcrumbs the old fashion way. I put a few pieces of bread into a Ziploc and rolled over it with a rolling pin for about 5 minutes. This step definitely took longer than I expected, so I will be talking out the food processor next time. I also would recommend to take off the crust if it is thick. As you can see by the picture, many of these pieces did not break into tiny crumbs.


I then seasoned it with a few items I had in my pantry. I used one tablespoon of dried parsley, one table spoon of dried basil, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper. I do not like to use salt but you can put salt in to taste. I mixed it all up and I had 100% real breadcrumbs! I wound up making eggplant parmigiana that night and it tasted great! And, I had enough left over for a few more recipes!

To summarize what I would do differently next time:

1. I will set the oven to 300 degrees and cut thinner slices to make the bread harden faster.

2.  I am using the food processor to speed up the crumb part! (Using a rolling pin was great for my arm muscles, but I’d rather lift my weights then crush the bread.)

I totally recommend making your own breadcrumbs! Like I said, super easy! If you can’t and are in a pinch, try looking for a brand with ingredients you can at least pronounce.

Let me know of any brands you may come across! And have fun making the breadcrumbs!

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  1. My mom and grandma always used to make her own breadcrumbs…instead of baking and drying out the bread like that, they would put bread that we weren’t going to eat (if it had already started to go a little stale, but obviously not moldy or anything like that) in a huge pan (a turkey roasting pan) that they always just kept in the oven. We would obviously take it out whenever we needed the oven for something else, but then would put it back in the oven with all of the bread in it once we were done cooking and the oven had started to cool. It slowly dried out the bread that way without the risk of molding up. So every few months they would have stockpiled a huge pan of bread that they could then throw into the food processor.

    • I love that! I’m going to try drying the bread that way next time. Thanks! When I was making the breadcrumbs I kept thinking to myself how people 100 years ago would do this all of the time. Obviously, it was the the only way to get breadcrumbs. They did know how to eat natural though!

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