So many things to do. So little time. I feel like this is my life and I am sure many of you feel the same way. In the midst of all of the chaos, I do like to feel somewhat organized. One way I do this is by making lists for myself. Sometimes I have a list to remind myself to look at the list. I know, such a weird concept. And, yes, I still use pen and paper to create my lists. I put reminders in my phone calendar. However, I need something that is in my face to remind me to do something. Call me old school. Call me a teacher. Just don’t call me stupid ( yes, I know, corny).


One of these lists that I create weekly is my food shopping list. This is a necessity in my life. I cannot go into a supermarket without a list. I get so overwhelmed. Before I was married my mom and sister would make a menu up of our nightly dinners and then make a food shopping list. So, when I got married and left the house, making a food shopping list was a must. I remember the first time my husband and I went food shopping. We went in with no list and randomly picked up any item. It was fun going shopping together for the first time as husband and wife. However, when our bill came out to be over $200, I knew I needed to change that. (I kept the receipt from that first food shopping trip. I am also a big scrapbooker and save special items like that for posterity.)


Every week since that first food shopping trip I have sat at my dining room table with my circular in one hand and my recipe books in another. I plan for 5 dinners a week. (I would have posted my actual list. However, it is not as pretty as this template.) I go through my recipe books and find five recipes that are yummy and pretty easy to cook. I do not like spending hours in the kitchen cooking and then cleaning. After the recipes are decided upon, I go back and write down all of the ingredients I will need to buy for that week. I then think of items we eat normally for breakfast and add them to the list. Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before or something we already have in the house. I also add things such as produce or vegetables we can snack on, milk, etc.

These lists have made my life better in two ways. First, I feel way more organized and I’m not guessing each night as to what to make for dinner. Definitely an added stress I don’t need. Second, I do not feel overwhelmed at the supermarket anymore! Since I am not overwhelmed, that means I am not adding in any unnecessary items that I just picked up for no reason. This has kept our grocery bills at a decent amount each week! Also, having a list means that I have more time to price check each item that I buy. I know some of you are probably saying that I probably only save 20 cents here and there. Well, think about it. If each item you buy you save $0.20 and you buy 40 items during one shopping trip, you saved $8. That’s for one week. If you multiply that by 4 weeks in a month, that is $32. Then, if you multiply $32 by 12 months, you saved $384 for the year! How awesome is that?! Is this a tad compulsive? Perhaps. However, that means more money in my pocket. That makes me a very happy woman!

I hope you enjoyed this Mrs. Z tidbit. Hopefully, you can use this in your life :).

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