The idea of how big the universe is boggles my mind. It is such a farfetched idea to me that it literally stops me in my thoughts for a few moments. The universe, according to what I have always been taught, just keeps going. Just keeps going! Where does it stop? How big is the universe? Sometimes when I ask these questions, I feel like a 5 year old asking why the sky is blue. However, it is just such an intriguing idea that I need to keep asking. It is like the post I wrote about age and I am the character in the short text Eleven by Sandra Cisneros. The five year old in me just keeps coming out when I think of the idea of the universe.

To flabbergast me even more, I have been watching the show Cosmos on the National Geographic Channel. One of the episodes discussed the idea of how big the universe is.  The narrator spoke of the observable universe. They discussed the size of Earth and then compared it to the size of the galaxy. He kept comparing the size of Earth to larger parts of the universe until he got to the last one called the Observable Universe. In so many words, astrophysicists have estimated really well the size of the universe. They use light that has been thrown from other galaxies and measure how long it has traveled. After reading this article, the universe is larger than anyone has ever expected. Scientists still do not know where the universe ends, according to the article. They are working on it, though.

After watching the show and doing some research of my own, the whole idea still makes me feel like that 5 year old with an endless amount of questions. It fascinates me at the same time too. Think of all of the galaxies that must be in the observable universe. Will we ever be able to travel that far? Are there species that are living in these other galaxies? I doubt in my life time we will ever know. Someday though!

After doing some research, I have also come to a conclusion. The astrophysicists that figure out all of this are complete geniuses! I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But they have dedicated their lives and their careers to finding it out. I think they are probably the coolest people out there. I feel almost inferior to their intelligence. They are, however, such great role models for our younger generation.

I highly recommend watching the Cosmos series on the National Geographic Channel.  It is amazing to learn about something, such as the universe, that is so large. It definitely humbles you when you think about yourself compared to the vastness of the universe. Again, it boggles the mind.

What are your thoughts on the universe? Anyone else have other interesting documentaries to share? Comment below!

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