American Heroes II

This is just a short post. But I found this so endearing and heartfelt that I needed to share. You might have seen this article circulating around social media. I love reading stories about soldiers. I have the utmost respect for them and think that they are amazing. They put their lives on the line everyday for all of us. They don’t even know who we are but they are on the frontlines protecting our country and our rights as Americans. I feel that these people should get celebrity status. Not someone who can throw a ball or shoot a hoop from the three point line. But every time a soldier is discussing his or her experiences they are so humble. They act like what they just did is not a big deal. I applaud them for that and I applaud them for their service! We would be nowhere without all of you. You are our heroes!

I hope you enjoy the article I mentioned above. To all of the service men and women out there: You are awesome!

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