Sometimes a quote comes to you when you need it. Or you’ll read something and it just makes your day. Quotes have the ability to put life into perspective. This quote that follows really hit home.



It happens to the best of us. We wake up one morning and there is just tons to be done that day. Make breakfast. Get the kids, as well as yourself, dressed and ready to roll in a very short amount of time. Get to school and work on time. Work deadlines. Homework deadlines. Pick the kids up from school on time. Complete homework. Drive kids to extracurricular activities. Cook dinner (or perhaps take out. Order healthy 😉 ). Bath time. Pajama time. It is not until the moment you sit with your little ones at the very end of a very long day do you realize “Oh my god! They are getting too big. I need to slow down!”. That’s when the mommy (and daddy) guilt starts. Trust me, I have felt it so many times.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes life gets in the way. But one thing we can all do is to slow down just a little. Listen to the giggles. Build a building out of blocks and knock it down (even though doing it 100 times in a row does get insanely boring after awhile).  Play dress up. In a blink of an eye this will be all over. The kids will one day move out and have lives of their own. And the silly moments will have passed us by. Live each day with no regrets. To me that means being the best present mommy there is. And I know you are as well :).

Are there any quotes that hit home with you? Share them below!

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