Do you ever remind yourself to do something and then when the time comes to do it you forget? And then days later you remember? That was me just yesterday. So, here’s my story.

I have not bought myself clothes since before my son was born. My wardrobe is in dire need of an update. In all honesty , whenever I wind up near a store, I just wind up buying something for my little one. Mommy has definitely put herself on the backburner.

This is where my dilemma starts. I went to Express to buy a few things. I knew I had a $30 off of $75 coupon in my bag. Maybe it was the excitement of getting new clothes that made me forget. The cashier rang up my stuff and I asked if there were any coupons available. She said no. I had this nagging feeling about something. However, I paid and left with the sheer joy of owning new clothes.


Let’s fast forward about five days to yesterday. I was cleaning out the diaper bag and I decided to go through my coupon holder, which I store in the diaper bag. I make sure my coupons are always handy. You never know what store you might end up at. Anyway, what do you think I found in my coupons? Yes, the Express coupon I knew I had but totally forgot about. Of course, it is now expired.  Epic Fail :( .

I was definitely kicking myself yesterday. I have learned my lesson and will double check my coupons so I don’t lose out again!

What is your epic fail story? Let us know below :).

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