You know what today is: Mrs. Z’s Quick Kitchen Tip!!

How many of you enjoy eating cheese? I will be honest and say that I love it! I can eat cheese and olives with a nice glass of wine all of the time. However, I am quite sure the popular cheese brands are not non-GMO friendly.

Well, Mrs. Z is here to save the day! I was shopping at Fairway the other day and saw a for sale sign for cheese. What I found got me so excited. The brand of cheese on sale was called Rumiano cheese. On further inspection of the package, I found the Non-GMO Project verification symbol on it! I nearly jumped up and down in the dairy aisle.


For an 8 ounce package, Fairway charges $5.99. It is on sale for $3.99 until May 1. I bought two packages and I plan on buying more next week.  I went on to the Rumiano cheese website and they also sell their cheeses online. They charge $3 per 8 ounce package. Shipping was $3.95 for me. So, it is cheaper to buy it in the store. However, it is a great option for those who don’t have access to the cheese in their own supermarkets.

As far as the taste, the mozzarella is so creamy and tastes fresh. The Rumiano mozzarella is harder and not flimsy like other brands. I have yet to taste the Cheddar that I purchased. I am sure it is just as great!

I hope this quick kitchen tip was helpful! And here is to non-GMO cheese eating!

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