It’s always nice to get away. Even if it’s just for 36 hours. I am definitely a city girl at heart.  Bugs don’t do it for me. And the quiet, although peaceful for awhile, gets mundane. But everyone needs some time away to recharge their batteries.  And the serenity of the quietness is just what the dr calls for.
Here are some pictures of life in a much simpler place.

20140518_103110   So relaxing

20140518_103130  Looking the opposite direction of the previous picture. I could definitely stand this for more than 36 hours ;).

20140518_103122  Nature at it’s finest

20140518_104337   Chillin’ at the beach

20140518_105128  We went from a beach backdrop to a farm. I love the extremes!

20140518_105204  Lovely

20140518_105453  You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this chair has probably heard a million.

I hope you enjoyed these few moments of calm and you can use the pictures as a source of comfort. I know I continually love to visit these places :).

Happy Monday!

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