There is nothing better than when farmer’s markets are finally open! The fruits and vegetable choices are amazing and they taste so fresh. My post from yesterday showed pictures of where we visited this weekend. Remember the picture of the chickens? Here it is in case you didn’t see it:


We bought a dozen eggs that were laid by those chickens! Eggs straight from the chicken to our table. ¬†They cost $5.00. Which isn’t too bad. The organic, cage-free eggs I buy at the store are $4.19. FOr only $0.80 more, I know where these come from. There was a slight difference in taste ( for the better) and the eggs were much fluffier when scrambled. I also noticed that the eggs didn’t stick to my pan either. Makes me wonder what is in the eggs we buy at the store.

20140520_135300 20140520_135320

(I’m only showing you 6 eggs because my son and husband have already devoured the other half!)

Definitely go and try your local farmer’s market! Not only does it show support for the local farmers, but you know you are getting wholesome food.

What are some of your favorite farmer’s market finds? Comment below!

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