I hope everyone had an amazing three day weekend with family and friends. If you had to wind up working, I hope it was as stress free as possible!

I came across this wonderful story on the news yesterday and wanted to share it with all of you. It was about a woman who lost her son overseas. He was a soldier for the United States. She created a teddy bear out of her son’s uniform as a reminder of him. She now makes these bears by hand for other families who have lost someone in battle. According to the site, the family members do not have to pay anything for the bears.

I saw this and was practically in tears. She says that it helps her overcome her grief of losing her son. And she gets to put a smile on someone else’s face who is going through a similar situation. ┬áTalk about amazing!

Here’s to hoping this put a smile on your face. Share with your friends! It is such a great cause!

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  1. Sounds so similar to what my sister did…For my baby shower, my sister had a bear created for the baby made out of my dad’s favorite suit as a way to remember him. It was my favorite present and is such a treasured way to remember a loved one. I now have it on William’s changing table and when he asks about his grandfather one day, I will get to tell him all about the great man and father that he was.

    • That is such a beautiful gift! I am sure your little one will cherish it forever. I love sentimental gifts like those. It is such a great reminder of those no longer with us.

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