Happy Friday!! You know what that means!! It’s Kitchen Tip Friday :).

Today’s post is not really a tip as it is an explanation. So here is my first question: Who likes capers? They are one of my favorite things to snack on. I can have pickles, olives, capers, and cheese as a snack. I love the saltiness and anything with vinegar is delicious in my book.


Now, on to my next question: Has anyone ever thought about what a caper is? I eat them all the time and just recently I was looking at them. I realized I don’t even know what it is. Well, this article explains it all. In short, capers are pickled flower buds. Crazy huh?

You can read the article for more information on capers. They even give you some great ideas on how to use capers in your recipes. If you have never tried a caper, please do so. You don’t know what you are missing :).

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