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I mentioned in my post from Friday that I love olives, pickles, capers, etc. as a snack. I love the saltiness and pairing these with cheese just clinches the deal for me. Unfortunately, these items can be very pricey when bought off the shelves. I have priced a jar of capers at $9.99. And the jar is usually 3 ounces! Kalamata olives are pretty expensive as well. Pickles you can get at a decent price. However, most of the brands on the shelves use yellow dye to make the pickles look yellowish. FYI: cucumbers are not yellow. They use the dye to make it look better to the customer.


I don’t know if I am just late to the game, but I found a cheaper way to enjoy these tasty treats. Last week I made a pizza that included kalamata olives, capers, feta cheese, and sundried tomatoes. Now, if I had bought each of these items in a jar it probably would have cost me close to $30 just to make one night’s dinner. We might as well go out and eat if I am going to spend that much. Then I stumbled across the barrels of olives and pickles at the supermarket. You measure out the amount that you want yourself. They sell these items for $7.99 a pound.


The pickles were large, so I needed to use one of the larger containers. They cost $3.14! I then moved onto the olives and pitted (yes pitted is so much easier to buy!) kalamata olives cost just $3.12. And it was about a half a pound! I measured out about a half of a pound of capers and they were less than $3!


I have never been so excited to find a money saving technique at the supermarket! I know I have read stories about how these barrels the foods are kept in are not extremely sanitary. However, I have seen these barrels being cleaned every time I frequent this store. Plus, I would be really disappointed if I found out otherwise :(.

I hope you enjoyed this money saving tip! Let me know how you save at the supermarket. Or anywhere as a matter of fact!

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