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I know this is a topic that has been discussed consistently. However, when it comes to working moms and stay at home moms, my motto is: We all need to stick together!

The idea for today’s post came from this article. It is a letter from a stay at home mom to a working mom and then vice versa. Each letter had such a powerful message in it. The stigma of both types of moms needs to be eradicated. Mostly, people need to mind their own business.

I am a stay at home mom, by choice, and I cannot tell you the countless times I have had people say things to my face that make my blood boil. I do not know if they are said as a joke or they are serious. People need to think before they speak. No, I do not have time to get manicures and pedicures all the time (I just got one this weekend and it was the first time since December. No joke!). I do not have time to catch up on my DVR during the day (My DVR is actually at almost full capacity from not being able to watch my favorites). My house is not the tidiest (It is clean but there are certainly things everywhere). My time is very limited. It is all about my love!

Now, with that being said, I have been in the presence of women who are working moms and I have overheard people making comments about that. One of the classics is “Oh, don’t you hate leaving them with someone else all week long?”. The person asking the question has this look of sorrow on their face. Umm, I think working moms think this all the time. Why don’t you rub it in their face even more. (If you can’t guess, that was pure sarcasm.) Another one is “You must love being at work. At least you get some time to yourself.” While I am not saying this is a false statement, I am sure most working moms would rather be with their little ones. I heard this one time and I almost had to laugh because the person was dead serious:”At least you only have to spend a few hours being mommy. Then you get the rest of the night to yourself.”. Really? I stood there with my mouth open. How can anyone say that to a working mom? Unbelievable!

A common phrase comes to mind: Think before you speak. Everyone makes their own decision to be either a stay at home or a working mother. The rest of the world does not need to make their decision any harder than it has to be. To all of you moms, no matter what course in life you choose, you are doing a wonderful job. And your children will thank you one day for it. That is the only thing that matters.

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  1. Perfect. The assumptions we make can be so harmful, but most of them aren’t intentional. People make comments (that they think are innocuous) that end up cutting us to the core because we think we’re being criticized. Motherhood can be done poorly, and it can be done well – and that is true of both working and stay-at-home moms. I am so thankful to be friends with such a great group of friends that understand that no matter what our parenting looks like, we love our kids more than life itself and make the choices that we feel are best for them!

    I wrote this piece on assumptions – how it hurts on both sides, both stay at home or working! I agree, we’re in this together!

    • I agree! It is 100% about the kids and other people need to understand that. I feel that people without kids don’t understand (I know I didn’t before I had one of my own) and people with older children seem to have forgotten. It really is a stereotype that needs to be broken.
      I loved your piece about assumptions! Unfortunately, I have heard some of these way too many times.

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