Happy Friday! You know what that means :).

My son and I just had the best mommy and me time ever! We went to our local farm. Yes, there is a farm 15 minutes from my house. It is the only one near me and I am so happy that we live really close. We walked around and looked at the chickens, pigs, cows, etc. (We have seen these same animals so many times but he gets excited every time!) I packed us lunch and we ate under a tree on a picnic table. He loved watching the animals in the distance as we ate. It is truly a picture perfect day where I live today. Not a cloud in the sky, which is the bluest of blues. The wind is a perfect speed and the temperature is about 78 degrees. It is a perfect day!

We then took a stroll over to the farm’s farm stand. They grow all of their fruits and vegetables on site. The selection was amazing. Different types of lettuce, radishes, turnips, raspberries, and bunches of herbs. The display was amazing. I wound up buying some radishes, romaine lettuce, and raspberries.


If you have a local farm or farmer’s market near you, I urge you to go. The produce is so much better and you support your local farmers. Plus, you just might get a picture perfect day to spend with your kiddies :).

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