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Holy Hotness! I will not complain about the weather because I prefer hot over the outrageously cold winter we had this year. It is mighty steamy out, though. Today I want to share with you some fun activities you can do around the house when the day is at its hottest.

This activity I found on the Mailbox Facebook page. It seems super easy, especially for little ones. I was thinking of using a large index card for the flag shape. I then want to write in blue and red marker the color names so my son can see the color and know which cotton ball goes where on the paper. (I know it sounds great written down. I’m sure I will be coaching a lot. It is all about the modeling, though :). )

Another cute Independence Day art project are these patriotic stars for the lawn. The directions say you can use toothpicks to make a design on the star and then spray paint over it. I might just cut out a star shape and use washable paint. For the older kids the toothpicks might be a more exciting option.

These frozen watermelon pops seem super easy and extremely refreshing on a hot summer day.

Hopefully these ideas will make the days leading up to July 4th an exciting one! And don’t forget to let your little ones know why we celebrate this special day. It isn’t all about the fireworks :).

Let us know of any patriotic activities you do with your kids :). Comment below!

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