Happy Independence Day! Historically, the Declaration of Independence was actually approved on July 2, 1776 by the Continental Congress. However, by the time they agreed on the wording and such, the papers were officially dated July 4, 1776. How is that for you history buffs!?

American history is amazing! There is so much that happened in such a short amount of time (we are only 238 years old). We are technically a young nation. However, we have set an example for many ideals. Many would argue that point, but I firmly believe it. Does our country have flaws? Of course. But what country doesn’t? We just need to learn from our mistakes and move on from there. A widely used quote throughout the centuries in American history is “Let freedom ring”. We are so lucky to have these freedoms. Rejoice in that fact. Do not be embarrassed by it.

Here are some great tidbits throughout American history. Everyone should know these. It is our duty as Americans to keep the memories of those who fought for our freedoms alive. If you are also interested in more modern history, I suggest watching The Sixties miniseries on CNN. It is well put together and very informative.

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful day! Relax! Eat lots of hot dogs and apple pie! Be safe! But most of all, show your American pride! Happy July4th!

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