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I wanted to share with you a great deal I found yesterday. My never ending quest for bargains and deals is something I thrive on. I have needed to buy a new set of drinking glasses for awhile. My husband and I have been married for 5 years (time flies!). We had 3 sets of 8 glasses when we had our wedding shower. At the time I thought it was completely way too much and stored 2 sets away. Well, five years later, and there are only about 8 glasses left. So many glasses have chipped and broken.

Back to my never ending quest for bargains and deals. I was at Kohl’s yesterday with my little one and decided to take a sojourn down the clearance aisle. Everything was 90% off! And most of it was odds and ends. Then, I came across a set of drinking glasses.


They were glass and pretty solid too. I looked at the price and it definitely swayed my decision.

20140729_161101 20140729_161116


They were $1.19 a piece!!! I looked at the bottom and the original price was $11.99. To me, that’s a steal!!! I bought four, even though my inner voice said I should have bought 8. Just because┬ásomething is cheap does not mean you have to go over board and break┬áthe bank.

Buying these glasses totally made my day. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?!

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