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Wow! We are already a week into August. I haven’t been in the classroom for sometime but I always get the feeling right around this time every summer. For those of you who are teachers, you know that feeling. Just as you are getting relaxed and are enjoying your free time, it’s time to stock up and get ready for another year.

As a side note, I can hear the snorts and sounds of annoyance from all of the non- teachers, or people who do not support teachers. I don’t want to hear any cracks about having the summer off. I don’t want to hear how we “only” work 10 months and have tons of vacation. It is all true. However, don’t take out your jealousy on what you think is an easy job. I do not make any rude comments about your job, which I am sure you are amazing at. You had every opportunity to become a teacher. You chose another profession, which I am sure suited you best. So, leave the comments someplace else and let us enjoy our free time. I mean, if you have all these negative comments to say, why don’t you try it for a day. It is the best job in the world, but, if you didn’t become a teacher, I am sure you probably couldn’t handle it. (Was that a little mean? Probably. Oh well. I guess it’s for all of the rude comments I have had thrown at me for so many years. You can take it or leave it. Your choice :).)

Moving right along, let’s get back to school starting soon. I have seen a lot of my teacher friends ( and moms of school age children) post questions about where to find the best sales on school supplies. My first response is to try the dollar store. Now, I wouldn’t recommend buying everything there. The No.2 pencils are not the best. The erasers always leave a pink streak when you use them. The copy paper is kind of thin and not the best for printing. However, I would buy things like folders, Crayola crayons and markers, pens, etc. You have to walk around to see and make your own judgment.

After I exhausted the dollar store, I would scan the fliers I receive each week for good sales. This week at Target, for example, Post-Its are 99 cents. That’s a pretty good deal. Folders are 50 cents and scissors are 99 cents at Target as well. ┬áIf I were you I would also check out Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

My suggestion is to shop around. One tip that I try to stick to is not to shop too much at Staples. They have great products. However, they can be very pricey! I only go there if they have their penny sales or if there is a really good sale. I try to avoid that place until October anyway. The lines are usually crazy long from mid-August until mid-September.

Happy School Supply Shopping! If you come across any good deals, comment below. I am sure we can all use a good deal :).

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