Hello Happy Mrs. Z Readers! I am back from a refreshing summer hiatus. Time seems to fly by during the summer. We literally tried to pack in every summer activity you can do in 60 days. I think I need a vacation from vacation.  On the positive side, it was one of the best summers in a long time. I’d like to thank my little guy for that one. I have loved going to farmer’s markets, parks, pools, beaches, farms, and countless other places with him.

There was something I noticed the other day that I wanted to relay to you. My husband, little man, and I went for a walk with our dog a few days ago. It was one of those early September evenings when the sun is almost setting but hasn’t yet. (I could have just said dusk but why be so mundane ;). ) The temperature was a perfect 72 degrees with puffy white clouds in the sky here and there. It was really an awesome night. During our walk I did notice one thing: It was very quiet. I heard crickets and the last of the summer cicada in the distance. There were the few cars that were passing by. But there wasn’t the sound of voices. Then it dawned on me: school has started.  Children were probably involved in their nightly routines of getting ready for the next day. Then it dawned on me again: I needed to really focus on this night. On this sense of freedom. On how simple life is right now. In a few short years I will be back in the daily grind. Joining the work force once. I wanted to bottle that night and hold on to it. To use it as my happy place.

It is a moment in time that will stay with me forever.

Happy back to school to all of the kids out there and to their amazing teachers! This is going to be a super year!

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