If there is one thing that you might have learned from me is that I love to save money. I mean, who doesn’t right? So here is the experience I had at the supermarket the other day. Like I always told my students: I have a photographic mind. Do not try to pull the wool over my eyes. If I see something, then I know it definitely happened.

I went to my local Waldbaums and needed to buy just a few things. I was making pizza for dinner that night, and I needed to buy frozen chicken. Now, let me address the frozen chicken first. I make pizza once a week. Every other meal I always use fresh meats, veggies, etc. When it comes to pizza night, I need it to be simple. So, I use frozen chicken. I know, not the healthiest of choices. However, once a week won’t hurt anyone. Remember, life is a work in progress!

Getting back to my experience. I was looking at all of the frozen chicken selections, and the Perdue Simple Start Chicken was on sale for $3.69. It was originally $5.99. I thought this was a great deal and decided to get two bags, which will last meĀ  awhile. I then went to the self-checkout lane. I scanned my items and then scanned the chicken. It was ringing up $10.99 for one. I asked the girl who was covering the self-checkout aisles and she called a manager for a price check. The manager came over and asked what I needed. I explained my dilemma and he said “Honey, I highly doubt they were $3.69 when the original price was $5.99”. Two things: Never, ever call me honey (unless you are my husband) and don’t insult my intelligence. I told him to go look and that I would wait. Of course he rolled his eyes and gave a little laugh as he walked away.

When he was gone, I kept thinking about it over and over again. Whenever Waldbaums has a sale, they have little yellow signs underneath the original price to show the sale price. I know I had definitely seen it. The manager was taking forever, and my son was now starting to have a slow meltdown. In the middle of trying to calm him down, I see the manager walk over with a little yellow sign in his hand. He never looked up at me but with a voice that was full of defeat he asked how many I had. He gave me the two bags of chicken for $3.69 each! That’s right. I didn’t gloat in his face but gave him a huge “Thank you!” that might have sounded a little smug. But hey (in the words of my grandfather), when you’re right, you’re right. I definitely should have gotten more bags for that price. However, I got a bargain anyway. I didn’t want to push it :).

Here is a copy of my receipt to show the awesome deal!


Has anyone else had an experience like this? Comment below!

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