Month: February 2015

Time to get healthy!

Wow!! Time flies with two kids! My littlest is 6 weeks old already. In the vast scheme of things, that’s nothing. But it feels like he has been with us forever. With all of the love, smiles, good times(and some not so good times) it is time for mommy to pay attention to one very important person: ME.

I know it won’t be easy. I definitely did not have a super healthy diet during this pregnancy. And I kind of held onto it these past 6 weeks. Besides running after my 2 year old, exercise was nonexistent. So now it is time to get back at it. I have 10 pesky pounds that need to go!!

I am attempting to fit in 20 minutes of the treadmill at least three days a week. That will be my starting point. By April I hope to be at four days. Wish me luck. And if anyone has any suggestions on how to fit exercise in to my daily routine with two kids, please comment away!

Oh running shoes. I have missed you so!

There’s nothing like good friends and a friendly project exchange

Happy Wednesday loyal readers!
Today’s post is twofold. One part of being a teacher is the socialization with your colleagues. You become very close with the teachers on your grade, and most likely, with the grade above and below you. However, teaching can be a very solitary profession. Once class starts, your door closes and it is you and your students for most of the day. You see other teachers in the hallway. Most times you only have time for a friendly “Hi” and “How are you?”. Then the bell rings and it is show time again.
Since becoming a mommy, as well as a stay at home mom, I have become close with two great mommies. I worked with them in the same building for many years and we use to just say hi as we passed in the hallway. Motherhood and our common bond of having all boys (there are five boys between the 3 of us) have brought us together as wonderful friends. We have had countless email chains and numerous playdates.
Since all three of us are teachers, many of our conversations are about projects we do with our children. Yes, I admit it: I do run my home slightly like being in a classroom. You can take a teacher out of the profession (for awhile), but you can’t take the profession out of the teacher. The three of us swap project ideas all the time. This simple project was given to us by Vanessa. Thank you Vanessa for this super idea!! (And Tracy, don’t worry. One of your project ideas will show up here soon :). )

For those of you who have toddlers and want to foster their knowledge of colors, you will love this. It is simple too.
These are the materials you will need:
Large sheet of paper (I used chart paper)
3 pictures of objects that are red, blue, green, and yellow (or any colors you choose. I used Google images)
Glue or tape

On the large paper make four sections. Label each section with the color name. Put all of the pictures in front of your little one and let them categorize the pictures into the correct category. Let them glue or tape the pictures on. My son loved this part! You can then ask them the name of the pictures. I decided to write the name of each object after my son told me. We also went over the letter sounds of each beginning letter. My son didn’t want to stop so I gave him crayons that corresponded with each group to color each section. Below is a picture of the final product:

We had a lot of fun with this! Since this winter has been super cold and being stuck inside because I’m not taking a newborn out in this weather, projects like this are a lifesaver. Thanks again Vanessa!

Yes, I have been MIA. But for a good reason :)

Hello my wonderful Mrs. Z readers! It is I , Mrs. Z. Many of you are probably wondering where I have been. The Mrs. Z family has now become a party of 4! (Well, party of 5 if you count my dog ;).)
My littlest angel was born on January 6. We had another boy! My biggest angel is now a big brother. Life has been wonderful and crazy these past few months. We are so blessed to have both of our boys. I am truly enjoying and soaking in all of the little moments this time around. I am definitely trying to be more present.
I thought I would share this picture. The simplicity of being a momma.

It was just about a year ago that The Mrs. Z Files was started. I have loved every minute of it. The best part is hearing from my loyal readers. Your comments and thoughts are what drive my posts and creativity. So, I thank all of you for your loyalty.

I promise to post soon. We have many middle of the night feedings and I’ve already thought of some great topics during the midnight hours. Chat with all of you soon!

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