Hello my fellow readers. Time flies for two reasons for me: 1. I have two kids and 2. It is summertime. Sorry for my delay in posts. I still think about this blog and all of you everyday. I find topics to write about all around me. So, here is my latest and greatest.

My oldest lovely loves to go to the park. So much so that I need to spell it whenever I refer to it when he is in earshot. (I actually think he knows how to spell it now, so eventually I will need a new tactic.) One day a few weeks ago I decided to take my two babies to the park. It was a gorgeous mid May afternoon. After pushing my big guy on the swings, we headed over to the slide. The park was pretty empty except for a few kids from a local daycare center. I was sitting on a bench feeding my little guy and watching my oldest go down the slide. A few benches over I hear one of the daycare center teachers say” What are you a girl? What are you a girl? You can’t like the color pink. Haha. Everyone look (insert name of boy here) likes pink.” And then all the kids, and other teachers, proceed to laugh. I was horrified. A few moments later a little girl fell and started crying. She kept saying “I want my mommy” over and over again. The teacher that was in charge of her group said ” ugh, what time is your mommy coming to pick you up crybaby?”. Now, at this point, I was fuming! I politely asked one of the teachers what daycare center this was. She gave me the name and handed me a business card in case I was interested. I looked at her and said “Oh no. I want to make sure never to put my children in this establishment. And tomorrow I will be contacting your director about the awful scene I just witnessed.”. She was stunned and didn’t say anything. I got my oldest and we left the park.
Let me be honest. I definitely lost my patience when I was in the classroom. But I taught older kids. You can reason with older children. These poor babies were just that: babies. I wanted to cry watching their faces.

Another observation I had just today was our society’s reliance on cell phones. I know I have written about this before but I can’t help but notice. We were at the park again and this time there was a larger group of kids. As I was watching my oldest, I happen to see a little boy trying to get his mom’s attention. She kept saying “One minute” as she searched on her cell phone and talked to her other mommy friends. Her son left and was running around like crazy. He wasn’t watching and bumped into another kid. He started crying and the mom came over. She started blaming the other kid right away. Of course, she never saw what happened since her attention was on her phone and conversation. Had she been watching (like I was), she would have known that it was her son who bumped into the other kid.

I get it. I’ve been engrossed in my cell phone too. But not at the park or any public place. These babies need our attention and support. Leave the cell phone usage for nap times (unless it is an emergency).

Let me know what you think on any of the topics discussed today. I love to hear from all of you :).

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