As the carousel went round and round, I felt like a little kid again. There is that moment in movies where a key moment is happening in the life of the character and time kind of slows down and music is piped in. Then the tears start to flow. The producer allowed us to feel the way the character was feeling. I had a “movie moment” the other day when we took my oldest to the Bronx Zoo for his birthday.

My oldest is still little. But not so little anymore. At the Bronx Zoo there is a Bug Carousel. The seats you sit on are all different types of bugs. My little one decided he wanted to ride on a cockroach. As the carousel started, the breeze picked up. The music started. the cockroach went up and down. And the smile on my big guy’s face was priceless. We giggled together. We talked about the other bugs we saw. The ride was only for 5 minutes. But it was the most amazing five minutes I spent with him. I can only guess this is what it must feel like when a Mommy dances with her son at his wedding ( or a Daddy with his daughter. Or whomever the bride or groom decides to dance with).

I know this moment made a mark on his heart as well. When we sat down for dinner that night, we discussed what our favorite part of that day was to each of us. My little guy said”, When me ride the bug ride with Mommy”. (I love the grammar errors in his speech. I will miss that as he gets older.)

I love you little big guy! I hope you stay as innocent and as loving as you are now. And never forget that feeling on the carousel. Life will lead you on many great adventures if you allow yourself to be open to the ups and downs and always know that Mommy and Daddy love you :).

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