Sometimes I feel like I spread myself too thin. But this is my thinking. I want my kids to grow up knowing their Mommy tried her hardest. It might not have been smooth sailing all the time. But, hopefully,  it will have been a memorable childhood.
So, here is a short post about decorating for my son’s birthday.

Finding Paw Patrol decorations can be hard. And spending money on decorations annoys me. So, Google has become my friend. Ask and ye shall find. I found a happy birthday banner, paw patrol characters, and I even made my own paw patrol wrapping paper.  (I had found a roll on Amazon for $20. That wasn’t happening!)

I found most of my printables from here. Big shout out to Nick Jr. for having this available!
Here are some pictures of the final product.

Let me know what you think. And how do you make your little’s days special?

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