A few days have gone by without a posting. I apologize to my readers. I am taking online classes, getting a big guy to school every day, taking care of my little guy all day, and various other daily things. You all know how the day goes. Or better yet, where does the day go? My posts may not be as often but I will definitely be around.

Today’s post will be short. We were relaxing on the couch before bedtime tonight watching Sophia the First. (Yes, my boys love Sophia. I don’t like to expose them to “only boy” things. Boys and girls should be well-rounded, in my opinion.) I wasn’t completely paying attention but the episode was about Sophia’s sister who was getting ready for a party. She was trying too hard to make it perfect and was stressed. The butler said to her “When one tries too hard to be perfect they put the people around them into chaos”.

Well, didn’t that hit home a little too much. I focus way too much on the little things. Is my home the neatest? Nope. it isn’t dirty but it is far from neat. Is my laundry folded and neatly put away? Nope. I have about three loads of laundry that are in dire need of folding. But I am always stressing about how it needs to get done. These young years with my kids are not going to be around forever. And I have been putting everyone around me into a semi-chaotic mantra of “I need to clean this” or “I need to do this”. So, you know what I am going to do tomorrow? Look out the window with my boys and watch the rain fall. Better yet, maybe we will go outside and splash around in the puddles.

I always strive for perfection. However, maybe perfection is not always so orderly and neat. Thank you DIsney Channel yet again for your words of wisdom!

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