It feels so good to be writing again. In the few weeks that I put The Mrs Z Files on hold while I finished my class, I kept a list of ideas I wanted to share with you. I actually feel refreshed to start this up again. Maybe taking a step back every once in a while is not a bad thing. It helps to recharge the batteries. I hope you all enjoy my commentaries that I share with you. it is very cathartic for me and I enjoy knowing that I might brighten someone’s day (at least I hope I brighten your day :) ). ┬áNow, on to today’s feature.

I love being a mommy. It is the best thing in the world. It is the craziest, most exhausting thing you will ever do. But I love it. However, I also like to keep parts of me from before I was a mommy as well. I do not want to get too lost in being a mommy where I forget who I am. My husband and I do date nights at least once month. I try really hard to keep reading (which is extremely difficult when after your kids go to sleep all you want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing). I fit in exercise here and there (although these days I count running after two kids and lifting them about fifty times a day my workout).

I also try to not to sound too Mom-ish. However, it comes with the territory. Hence, the main idea of my post today. The three supermarkets within a five mile radius of my home were all Waldbaums. As many of you have heard, Waldbaums has gone out of business. Each Waldbaums has been bought out by other supermarket chains.

And now for the most Mom-ish thing I have ever said: I love that I now have three different supermarkets within five miles of my home! I love that I can check prices on items I am going to buy. I love that I have a choice of where to shop. And I love all of the perks that come with their loyalty cards!

Phew!! Ok, I finally go that out of my system. Did I sound like a mom right there or what? But it feels so good to say it! I love the new supermarket choices. It is even rubbing off on my oldest. He keeps saying,” Mommy, we go to new supermarket today? Me like it there!”. Well, it is never too early to instill bargain shopping.

What is the most Mom-ish thing you have ever said? Comment below!

Have a super day!

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  1. I too like different choices of supermarkets. I tried all the ones around me. I thought Walbaums was the most expensive. I’m interested to see what opens in place of the closed locations by me. The Shop Rite is NJ is awesome. I wish a Shop Rite would open by me.
    While this may be a momish this to talk about, I was excited for things like this before I was a mom.;)

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