This post will be short and sweet.

The other day my oldest said this phrase a few times throughout the day:

“I am exasperated.”

The first time I was stunned and then laughed. And I laughed the next few times. I was also very proud. I thought, perhaps, he listened to me when I speak. I asked him where he learned that word from, clearly expecting him to say from me. However, I can not take credit for this. He told me he learned it from Donald Duck. And to further validate that, as we were watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Donald said, “I am exasperated”. Well, how about that?!

Thank you Disney for yet again instilling wonderful vocabulary into my children!

donald duck

What are some phrases your kids pick up from TV? Comment below!

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  1. That’s hilarious! My son comes up to me with random stuff like that all the time. It always catches me off guard, but then we both laugh about it. :)

  2. So cute! While watching an episode about sharing on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, my son said “Mom, Owl is sad. Daniel won’t give his toy back, that’s not nice”. I appreciate the subjects they address on the little kid shows on Disney and PBS.

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