I always do my best work at the last minute. I think things through so much but my best ideas come through when I am down to the wire. Today, I am going to share with you a cute and very easy Thanksgiving gift idea I am going to send my oldest in for his teachers. You can use this for anyone or even as a seating card on Thanksgiving.



Clean baby food jar with the label peeled off

hot glue gun (you can use Elmer’s glue but I was in a pinch and hot glue holds things in place better. If you use a hot glue gun, then this project is NOT for the kiddos.)


Turkey template (Click here for the template I used)


Step 1: Fill the baby food jar with candy corn all the way to the top. Make sure that you can put the lid back on.

Step 2: Cut out the turkey template. Glue the face together. Then Glue the face on to the front of the turkey.

Step 3: On each of the turkey’ feathers I wrote something my son liked about his teachers. We discussed why he was thankful for each of his teachers and then I transferred it on to the feathers. I then hot glued them onto the jar.


**I didn’t paint the lid of the jar. I probably should have to finish the look of the turkey but life got the best of me. (And I covered his teacher’s name. You can never be too careful 😉 .) It still looks cute right?

And there you have a cute and very easy Thanksgiving gift. It is also something from the heart. Aren’t those the best gifts?!

I hope you enjoy making these!

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