Month: February 2016

Leap Day Activities!


Leap years always excite me. I don’t know anyone who has a February 29th birthday.  But the idea of having one is kind of cool. (Unless you are that person and you only celebrate your birthday every four years. Still kind of cool though!) Nonetheless,  this day seems special to me.

I decided I wanted to research some fun activities to do with the little ones and came across this site. There are lots of activities. My favorite was creating a time capsule that would be opened four years later on the next leap day. Waiting four years to open it is totally doable! We have not completed this yet but when we do I’m going to have my little ones choose a small toy to include in our box. I’d also like to include pictures of us, a letter telling about our life now, and some fun things we have done. A survey about our likes and interests would be fun too but my boys will need help completing it. In four years, though, they will be able to write most of it themselves. Crazy!


In retrospect, on the last Leap Day in 2012, we had no kids. I was only eight weeks pregnant with my first. A lot has changed in these last four years. I can’t wait to see what life will be like in 2020 on our next leap year. Let’s try to take it slow. Time has a way of speeding up when you least expect it!
I hope you all have an amazing  Leap Day!  Live (or should I say Leap) it up :)

What are some fun activities you will be doing on Leap Day? Comment below!

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An encounter with a wonderful father!


Good morning fellow readers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far.

A trip to the supermarket the other day brought such joy to my heart. My boys and I were shopping for some items to perform an experiment with later that day. (I will be posting about that soon!) One of the items we needed to purchase were white flowers. As my big guy and I were choosing which bouquet to buy, an older gentleman was looking in the same bin for flowers. My little guy was looking at this man with a huge smile on his face and the man said hello to him. It was a cute exchange to say the least.


Little Moments Suspended in Time

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a day filled with love and happiness!

I am lucky to have four super cool Valentine’s this year: My husband, who is the best! My two boys, whom I love beyond words. And my dog, Petey. He is the best dog anyone could have adopted.

This past week, I watched three things happen that I call “Little Moments Suspended in Time”. These are the times that occur when you least expect it and will forever live on in your memory.

I put lunchbox notes into my big boy’s lunchbox. I hope everyday that it puts a little smile on his face when he has snack. The other day I sent in one that asked “Will you be my Valentine?” and had a check box for yes and no. When he came home, I emptied out his lunchbox and inside was his lunchbox note. And the “Yes” box was checked! Little Moment number one of the week!



Happy Monday

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend. We have been battling ear infections and stomach bugs for the past week. But it was a great weekend nonetheless.

This year happens to be an important year in American politics.  We have the honor of electing a new president. I usually don’t talk about politics (or religion for that matter). People are very set in their ways so I’d rather skip the arguments. 

However, as an American citizen, I am trying to learn about each candidate and what they hope to accomplish.  This is where I am coming up a tad short. Every time I tune into a debate, all I hear is one candidate tearing the other down. Obviously they are all vying for the nomination from their party. But at what cost.

I decided to look up the meaning of the word debate, thinking I misunderstood the term. This what it said on Merriam-Webster (a pretty reputable dictionary): a discussion between people in which they express different opinions about something.

Discussing different opinions  I want to see. But all I see is people saying what the other person did wrong. I never really hear what they will try to do. I just want to make an informed decision. I don’t want a laundry list of what the other person didn’t do.

You will probably see few political posts from me. But, how do you all feel about the debates? Comment below!

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