Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a day filled with love and happiness!

I am lucky to have four super cool Valentine’s this year: My husband, who is the best! My two boys, whom I love beyond words. And my dog, Petey. He is the best dog anyone could have adopted.

This past week, I watched three things happen that I call “Little Moments Suspended in Time”. These are the times that occur when you least expect it and will forever live on in your memory.

I put lunchbox notes into my big boy’s lunchbox. I hope everyday that it puts a little smile on his face when he has snack. The other day I sent in one that asked “Will you be my Valentine?” and had a check box for yes and no. When he came home, I emptied out his lunchbox and inside was his lunchbox note. And the “Yes” box was checked! Little Moment number one of the week!


I was sitting on the floor playing with both of my boys and I see my little guy crawling over to me. When he got in front of me, he sat up on his knees, smiled his big baby boy smile, and then put his head in my lap for a long cuddle. Talk about my heart melting. Little Moment number two of the week!

This last one was just this morning. My big guy has had a lard time adjusting to school and letting me drop him off. He is finally settling in now. He doesn’t even turn around anymore (obviously, after he gives me hugs and kisses before I leave 😉 ). His teacher invites the parents in for a few minutes the last day of school before a holiday so the kids can sing songs. And my big boy has screamed at each of them, pleading me not to go. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas songs have all ended in tears for my boy. Today, however, was a different story. His class sang Valentine’s Day songs. And guess what? My big boy sang every one. And his teacher even commented that the kids had to sing louder so everyone could hear them and that my big boy was the only one everyone could hear. To some, this may seem insignificant. However, this Momma is so proud! My boy sang songs with pride and a big smile on his face. This Momma listened with a big smile on her face (and just a few tears in her eyes). Little Moment number three of the week! And definitely my favorite.

I hope you all get to experience Little Moments Suspended in Time this week and every week. Comment below with some of yours!

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