Month: March 2016

MOM is the word

Spelling Mom
Spell MOM

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Spring started this past Sunday (even though we had snow!). Here are to warmer days!

The written word has always been a world I could escape to for as long as I could remember. From the moment I learned how to read, I was always lost in a book. There is something about the way words fit together to tell a story that amazes me. Have you ever wondered where a word came from? Or have you ever seen a street name and think ,”Why is it called that?”. Yup, that’s me. (more…)

5 Reasons Exercise is Different After Having Kids


Exercise Mom
Exercise Mom

Exercise. A love-hate relationship for so many. Before kids, I loved working out. I loved the way I felt. I loved thinking about when I would work out to de-stress from the day. It was a release for me. I definitely still love to work out (especially a good run on the treadmill!). However, it comes with a different set of baggage. So, here are Mrs. Z’s five reasons as to why exercise is so very different after having kids. (more…)

It Is So Hard to Say Goodbye


I did the laundry the other day and folded little clothes. This time, however, I took a long time to fold them. I had decided it was finally time to clean out my little one’s drawers. Newborn, 3 months, 6 months sized clothing. He will never fit into them again.

As I sat there and folded teeny, tiny clothes, I reminisced. Where has this past year gone? I remember when he wore his first Valentine’s Day shirt. He was only five weeks old. At the time, the shirt was way too big for him. His first set of footie pajamas. His first t-shirt that wasn’t a onesie. His first Easter shirt. His first Fourth of July shirt. I smelled each one as I folded them and placed them into a bag. (more…)

Three years and not forgotten

A view sent from God

Today’s post will be short and sweet. My grandfather went to heaven three years ago today. I remember he use to say to us “You’ll miss me when I’m gone”. He would always say it when he was trying to prove a point and we would laugh it off. Well, Grandpa, you’re right. I do miss you. But I am sure you are having a blast wherever you are right now.

This is a post I wrote two years ago (Whoa! Time flies!) about my grandfather.

This is a more current post I wrote about him when I was a guest blogger on The Crunchy Mommy.

I still miss you old man! DJC Sr. <3

Comment below with some of your memories with someone who was special to you. You can contact me at


The Mrs. Z Files is on Pinterest!


Good Morning! I hope everyone had an awesome Leap Day! We had so much fun making our Leap Day Time Capsules that will be opened on February 29, 2020!

Now, to the fun news! I am happy to announce that The Mrs. Z Files is on Pinterest! Make sure you follow along with me as I find some pretty cool sites to share with you :). Don’t forget to invite your friends as well!

Thank you all for being amazing readers!