Potty Training TipsPotty training.  Hmmm…what can I say. This, so far, has been the only nuisance I have encountered on this parenting journey. Don’t worry. He won’t go to college in diapers they said. (Insert laughter here because it felt like that for awhile.) In all honesty,  it could be worse and if potty training is the hardest thing we will face in our life, then I’m all for it. 

Let me just tell ya, though.  If you have a child like mine, and you here, “The 3 day potty training boot camp is great. My kid hasn’t had an accident since day 2”, you might want to scream and cry and throw a major fit. I did any of those but it was very tempting. This is a list for all you mommas (and dads) who are struggling with potty training. Here is:

Mrs. Z’s Four Things Not to Say to a Parent During Potty Training

         1. “The 3 Day training boot camp worked wonders for us.”

If you have had success with this, then I am in awe and bow down to you. I don’t know if I started the potty training journey to early. Of if he had zero interest. Or if it was because he’s a boy. I will never know but potty training took us more like 300 days and not 3. I stuck to it, however, and kept him in underwear all day long. Which leads to my next thing  not to say to a parent during potty training.

  1. “You are so lucky. You don’t need to buy diapers anymore and there is a lot less laundry.”

There may not be anymore diapers (which isn’t true if you look at #3). However, there is the dreaded pull-up. I don’t know why these things annoy me but they do. I feel like it is a ploy from the diaper companies to keep getting more money from us.  I won’t argue the point on how pull-ups do help when you are out. It has definitely been a life saver in those oh-no-I-can’t-find-a-bathroom-anywhere moments.

As far as there being a lot less laundry. I have heard this from a few people and it really doesn’t make any sense. There is no laundry when it comes to diapers. For a good five months we had at least 10 accidents a day. My oldest has 30 pairs of underwear just so that I did not have to do a wash every day. When they have an accident it is not just their underwear but their pants as well. Laundry has become that Pandora’s Box in our house that sometimes I do not want to open.

  1. “Once my child was potty trained, they stopped wetting the bed at night as well.”

We are still buying overnight diapers. Again, I stand in awe at parents who can achieve this so quickly. The pediatrician said they really don’t start asking about this until  ages 5 and up so we still have a little bit of time.

  1. “Now that they are potty trained it must be so much easier when you go out!”

This last one is for everyone, whether your child potty trained quickly or not. For some reason, outsiders like to say this with such excitement. Honestly, it is actually more annoying than having to change a diaper while you are out. When they are in diapers you can always change them in the stroller. When they need to use the potty, you have to drop everything to first find the potty. This is usually a mad dash since little ones like to hold it until the bitter end. Once you find said bathroom, you need to find the cleanest one, then clean the seat, and either use the travel potty seat to put on top (he is still too small to stand up and reach to pee) or hold them mid air and pray they make the bowl. If you are doing all of this with other children in tow, well, good luck finding a stall big enough to fit everyone and a stroller. Been there. Done that. It is not very easy, especially when you are the only adult.

So, there you have it. If you are struggling with potty training, you are definitely not alone. Unless I am the only one who has had these struggles. Well, then I guess I am alone :).

Comment below with some of your little ones’ funny potty training stories. We would love to hear them!

Mrs. Z is a stay at home mommy to two wonderful boys and wife to an amazing husband. Spending time with her family, writing, and enjoying life are some of Mrs. Z’s favorite pastimes. You can follow her on her journey on Facebook and Pinterest.

2 Comments on Four Things Not To Say To a Potty Training Parent

  1. Thank you! I thought I was the only one who thought it was easier to get out when they were in diapers. Yes, you have to carry around more stuff, but if they need to go – they can go!

    • I always thought having to change a diaper in public was annoying. Finding a bathroom is definitely a harder challenge. Thanks for stopping by!

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