Earth day is such an important concept for our kids. And not just the one day but all year round. Every little thing we do helps to protect our mother Earth. We have one planet and we need to be careful with it .
Today I want to share with you a project I did with my boys that uses materials you already have, which goes with the whole reduce, reuse, recycle mantra!
I started reading Earth Day by Mercer Mayer. We talked about how the main character was trying so hard to protect the environment but it is the little things we do every day that will add up in the long run. Inside the front cover was a list of ten things we can do to help protect the environment.  My oldest was so excited that he already turns off the water while he brushes his teeth!

IMG_9937I then made a collage of the earth. Here are the materials you will need:

earth day project

An empty cereal box (or any empty cardboard box)
Old magazines or supermarket circulars
Old pieces of construction paper in green or blue

Glue stick (I found that this worked better with the pieces from magazines and circulars. The liquid glue wrinkled the paper.)
Something round to trace (the plate I chose to trace had about an 8 inch diameter. You can choose any size you’d like.)

I first showed my boys a picture of the Earth. I went on to Google images and just chose one. We talked about the different things we saw and what each of the colors represented.
My son and I then went through old magazines and circulars looking for anything blue and green to represent the water and land on Earth. This was good scissor cutting practice for him. He used his child safety scissors and I also helped cutting out some. I tried to find pictures where there weren’t too many words on it, especially large print. Small print was ok because it didn’t take away from the main idea of picture.
While we were doing this I gave my little guy a piece of green construction paper and he ripped it apart. This only occupied him for about five minutes but he was still involved.  My oldest and I wound up finishing ripping the paper.

I then took an empty cereal box and cut it so that it laid out flat. I used the round plate and traced a circle. I cut this out myself. **I definitely recommend that an adult does this part. The paper is a lot thicker and it is difficult to cut. **


I traced a few pieces of land on the circle. My oldest then started to glue the green pieces onto the land. We didn’t find enough green pieces in the magazines and circulars, so we filled in the empty spaces with the construction paper. He then covered the oceans with the blue paper. Again, if there were any empty spaces we used the blue construction paper to fill them in.

When the glue was dried I trimmed the edges. Here was our final product :


A beautiful collage of the Earth using everyday materials we had in the house!

After finishing this my son asked where the clouds were that he had seen the in the picture I showed in the beginning.  You could totally use cotton balls and pull them apart to create the clouds.

For the older set, you can have them do this same project and then also create their own mural. Maybe they can even make paint out of materials in the house.

Show us a picture if you complete this project!

If you have any Earth Day Projects, please share with us!

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