Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you are anything like me, you have been researching for a cute project for grandma, or an aunt, cousin, etc., on Pinterest or your other favorite sites. I always like to find something that marks their growth and the gift receiver can see how big my kids have gotten through the year. 

I am still looking for a cute project but then I started thinking. It has been beautiful outside lately and by the time Mother’s Day comes, the weather will definitely have that spring feel to it. Why not plan an adventure for your favorite mother figure in your life besides the cute token gift. I know any grandma loves those gifts, but the gift of a fabulous experience with your little ones is also something that will last a lifetime.

Here is a list of ideas for Twenty Alternative Mother’s Day Gift:

1.Go to a local zoo.

2.Visit a park in your area and swing away.

3.Spend some time at a local farmer’s market. Maybe grandma and kids can pick out some fruit together and bring it home to make a pie.

4.Let the kids make breakfast and then “surprise” a special someone at their door. (I would definitely give this person a heads up. Just so they are not too surprised at 8 a.m.)

5.Plan a picnic at a park or local farm. Make sure to bring something extra sweet for dessert.

6.Play a sport of your choice (and if the person who you are honoring is up to it). This is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather.

7.Let your kids share a favorite book of theirs. You could also ask the person to have a favorite childhood picture book of theirs to share with your kids.

8.Complete an arts and craft project with your guest of honor.

9.Go for some ice cream together. Big plus if you can find an old fashioned ice cream parlor. What an experience for the kids!

10.Try planting some flowers together. Earth Day will have been a few days before Mother’s Day, so this would be a fun time to do this.

11.You can have your own “Paint Nite” but you can call it “Paint Day”.  Decide on something both people would like to draw and then let them at it. Compare pictures afterwards to see each person’s perspective.

12.Go on a hike together in a scenic part of your area.

13.Find a local street festival near your home and bring the guest of honor to share in the local culture, food, etc.

14.Go to the beach for a beautiful walk, or swim if the temperature is right.

15.Have a BBQ. ***Only adults should cook. The kids can serve!***

16.If it happens to be bad weather, perhaps you can watch a movie in the theaters together.

17.Pick flowers together.

18.Interview a grandmother about her childhood and record it. (I did this for a social studies project one year in high school. It is such a wonderful treasure that I have now that I am older!)

19.Have a photo shoot with your grandmother, aunt, etc. This is another great

20.If it is feasible with everyone’s schedules,  plan a weekend getaway to a resort, water park, beach town, etc.


I hope these help to make your Mother’s Day with someone special. Enjoy the day!!!

Mrs. Z is a stay at home mommy to two wonderful boys and wife to an amazing husband. Spending time with her family, writing, and enjoying life are some of Mrs. Z’s favorite pastimes. You can check her out at The Mrs. Z Files. You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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