We love Thursdays in our house not only because there is just one day until the weekend. But because it is supermarket flyer day!!  I have always loved looking through flyers for a good sale. Since my oldest was able to sit up he has joined me in this weekly ritual. My youngest has finally joined in on the fun as well. I have written about supermarket flyers before in this post .
One day as I was looking through the flyers, the teacher in me saw the endless lesson possibilities you can create using them. So, here is Mrs Z’s Ten Ways to use supermarket flyers as a teaching tool.

Letter and Number Recognition
Flyers are filled with letters and numbers. There are also picture clues that go with them that is a great addition.
Last summer, when my big guy was still working on these skills, we created a letter and number of the week spot. Whichever letter or number was being featured we would go through the flyers and find pictures that correlated with that letter or number. Here is a picture of a letter we did together.


Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division number stories
You can create number stories using the flyers and incorporate any of the operations. This is great for kids of all ages and targets any area you are focusing on. I use to have my students create a multiplication or division number story using the flyers as help. They would round the dollar amounts or use the decimal places, depending on the grade or level of the student I taught . Big bonus if you get them to explain how they arrived at their answer.

Place Value
This can sometimes be hard for students to master. Using the flyers might make the concept more exciting. It might be more difficult to find numbers with a higher place value (such as thousands, ten-thousands, etc.), but you could cut out several numbers and then use a place value mat to put the numbers so your kids can see where they go. You can also take this a step further for the older ones and explore decimal place value. You can use one like this for the older set and one like this for the younger kids.

Beginning Word Sounds

For kids in Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten, this is a skill that will be practiced over and over again. You can use the flyers to cut out pictures of food, clothing, furniture, etc., and have the child sound out the name of what ever is in the picture. They can then tell you the the beginning sound of the word.You can also have a word wall where after they name the beginning sound, they can place the picture under the correct letter.


Flyers are filled with money amounts and can be a great teaching tool to explain this. You can make a list together of some items that you need and then have a pretend game of “Store”. If you have a cash register you can ring up the items you purchased. A big plus if you have lots of fake money around so they can figure out the amount to give to the cashier and the change to give back to the person who is buying.


For the little ones, you can use flyers to target basic skills, such as colors, shapes, etc. Look through the flyer and find items that are yellow, green, etc. An adult should cut them out! Then let your little one place the items you cut out on to a chart with the color categories that you focused on. Below is a picture of something I did with my oldest when he was 18 months old. You can do the same with shapes, letters, numbers. Anything really that the little ones need.




Categorizing objects is another skill the little ones need to know. One idea you can do with this is to tell your little one that you are both going to look through a supermarket flyer and find five pictures of fruits and five pictures of vegetables. After you cut them out, give them a chart that is labeled fruit on one side and vegetables on the other and let them glue where each piece of food goes. You can do this with furniture flyers, such as kitchen and bathroom items. Again, go with your imagination.

Making a list together

I know I need to make lists for everything, especially when I go food shopping. My oldest and I sit together when I make my food shopping list. He looks at one page and finds things we usually buy, such as fruit, cereal, etc. I write it down and the price. It is a great way to teach them organization and it helps to stick to your budget, which is another great skill to teach them.


This is a life skill that is important. Teaching them how to save money and to only spend what they need to spend is something they will always remember. For the older ones you can give them a flyer and then say that you are giving them only “pretend” twenty dollars. They need to then go through the flyer and find items that add up to but not going over that amount. This also includes decimals, operational skills, and real world number stories.

Comparing Prices

This is something that is so important to learn. You can save a lot of money when shopping if you compare the prices of items from different companies. I know that some foods I am a snob and only buy certain ones. However, there are many foods that I will switch from brand to brand based on price. This is a great lesson for teaching greater than and less than ideas.

**Bonus Idea**

Making A Mess!


Finally, this is the one idea that my boys really look forward to. After we have exhausted the educational side of the flyers, I let me boys make snowballs out of the paper. They also make tiny pieces and pretend it is raining or snowing. Kids are kids. They should  be allowed to imagine. And what more fun is there then making paper snowballs and tossing them at Mommy.

Happy Supermarket Flyer Day!!

If you have any special ways you that you use supermarket flyers please comment below! I would love to hear them!

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