Welcome to my home away from home! This is the space where I will share with you many of my thoughts, interesting ideas that I may come across, discuss food, fitness, and pretty much anything that deems exciting to write about. I live to write. Yes, you read that correctly, I live to write. Writing is a huge passion of mine. It has encompassed a large part of my life and allows me to vividly express my feelings and opinions in a way that is portrayed so much better than if I were to speak  off the cuff. By the way, are you loving the “million dollar” words I am using?!

You may be asking yourself, “What is a million dollar word?”. Here is a little background on yours truly.  Currently, I am a stay at home mom to my cuter than anything in this world son. He is my life and my love.  Before I became a mommy, I was a New York City teacher.  I mostly taught lower elementary. I love being up in front of a room full of eager (and many times, not so eager) minds. To know that you have the power to shape a young mind and give them the tools to become amazing people in society is probably one of the coolest things you can do. For ten months out of the year, they are “your kids”. I always refer to my students as “my kids”. They will always be “my kids” and whenever any of them come back to visit years later I always say “Oh, my kids have returned”. I truly miss being in the classroom. I loved the people that I worked with and the amazing conversations that we had. I DO NOT miss the politics and red tape. I certainly DO NOT miss the paperwork and stress that goes with it (although I do miss the rush of observations and reviews. Well, maybe just a little).  So, going back to my “million dollar” words. These are the “amazing” words we use to speak and write with. Words such as fun, good, bad are what you call “boring words”.  You can replace “good” with “wonderful” and, ta da, you have a “million dollar” word. I know, it is extremely cheesy, but in order to be a teacher you have to be cheesy. Be warned: You will get a lot of cheesy remarks here.

At this point in my life, like I mentioned earlier,  I am a stay at home mom to my son. Yes, I am just a stay at home mom. There have been many a remark thrown my way about this. It can go one of two ways.  There are some who say “You are so lucky. It is such an amazing job. You are doing the best thing for your son.” Sweet, right? Well, not so much when you hear this: ” I can never do that.”, or ” You are so brave”, or “It seems like a death sentence”. Sigh. How do you respond to something like that? Do I agree and just let it go? Should I have some cutesy retort? Most times, I just let it go. It is not worth my time and energy. I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes and see where they are coming from.  It could quite possibly be jealousy. Maybe they just don’t enjoy me as a person. If that’s the case, honestly, I probably don’t enjoy them either, so the feeling is mutual.

Besides being a stay at home mom, I love eating clean. Eating clean does not mean being on a permanent diet. It just means eating foods that are wholesome, free of additives and preservatives, finding organic alternatives, and buying foods that are certified NON-GMO.  I started doing this about 10 years ago. I started by looking at ingredients on food labels and anything that had partially hydrogenated anything in it, I did not buy. This is a chemical produced in laboratories that changes into trans fat when ingested. A good rule of thumb: buy packaged foods with 5 or less ingredients. If you do not know what the ingredient is, do not buy it! I will be extremely honest (which I plan to be throughout this entire blog), not everything I or my family eats is clean. We do enjoy going out to restaurants once a month, we do visit people at their homes, and sometimes, we just plain like a food that we have liked most of our lives. I know there are families that eat 100% clean. I hope to aspire to that one day. However, I feel that if you indulge yourself in a small guilty pleasure once a week,  you will live a happy life.  In this regards, you will probably see me share lots of recipes and ideas that concern eating and exercising (another one of my loves).

I hope you enjoy this comfy corner. If you ever have any suggestions or questions, you know where to find me! :)

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  1. Haha, we have power words and magpie from each other (it’s not copying if we magpie!). Plus, the word ‘nice’ is banned – we do have a lot of explaining to do when our 8yr olds tell their parents that nice is bad!

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