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A Letter to My Son’s Teacher at the End of the Year


Hello Everyone!!

Here is my latest on Huffington Post! I hope you enjoy it. Teachers deserve recognition of a job well done. Don’t you think?

Let us know how a teacher has impacted your life or the life of one of your children. Comment below!

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A Guest Post: From C-Section to VBAC


Good Morning Mrs. Z readers! I am so excited that I had an opportunity to do a guest post on the Millennial Mommee Blog! There was an opportunity to write about my birth story and I love listening to a woman’s birth story. So, here is mine :). Please share with new and seasoned mommas. Let us know about your unique birth story below!

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My first piece on Huffington Post!

I am sooo excited to share this with all of you! I have been trying for a long to get this published and just received the email today. Here is the first paragragh:


This is an exciting day for you! We bought you your first pair of shoes. Your chubby little feet haven’t taken that first step on your own yet, but you are almost there.

This day is the first of many for you as far as getting shoes is concerned. For me, this will probably be the last time I get a child of my own their first pair of shoes. It is very bittersweet for Mommy. You are my baby, my littlest one. Most likely, you are our last. (I am not saying that we are done, but I don’t see another one in the cards for our family in the near future. We will see what God has in store for us.) My heartstrings were tugged slightly today when I realized I would most likely never have a tiny one’s feet that need to be measured for the first time again.

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