Happy Monday! This picture of Elmo made me happy. I thought I would share it with you :).



I feel the need to vent today. I don’t generally like to do that. Everyone has their own problems. I don’t need to add to them. However, this has been on my mind a lot lately.

I don’t know if becoming a mom has made me more observant. However, some people’s driving skills are severely lacking lately. I cannot stand when you are driving down a side street, not a major highway, and the person is right on your behind. And I am driving the speed limit. There is no need to drive 60 mph down a side street. God forbid a child, adult, or even a dog or cat steps out at the wrong time. The person behind the wheel will most likely blame the injured party.

Do you know why they will blame the injured party? Because it’s these people who feel the world owes them something. It’s those people who walk around with a chip on their shoulder like they are better than everyone else. Well, person who does not follow the laws of the road, listen up: you are not better than everyone else! There is no need to go so fast, or to go straight through a stop sign, or to tailgate someone. Unless the person next to you needs to get to the hospital right away (and in that case you should have dialed 911), you do not have to get where you are going that quickly. Who cares if you are a few minutes late? And if you 100% need to be on time, here is a suggestion: leave an hour before you need to.

I also plead with many of you (well, not my readers. I know you are all amazing people :) ): Do NOT touch your cell phone while driving!!! I will be honest with you. When I first started driving I use to text and talk on my phone all the time. Then when I started working I realized that I could hurt many people. No phone call or text is that important. If you need to use your phone, than pull over.

I have seen so many people disobey driving laws lately and it just gets me so irritated. Please remember that school is out. We need to be extra careful now since there will be so many kids on the streets. Safety is key people!

Comment below if you have had any similar experiences. I like to know it is not just me who is seeing this.

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