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Leap Day Activities!


Leap years always excite me. I don’t know anyone who has a February 29th birthday.  But the idea of having one is kind of cool. (Unless you are that person and you only celebrate your birthday every four years. Still kind of cool though!) Nonetheless,  this day seems special to me.

I decided I wanted to research some fun activities to do with the little ones and came across this site. There are lots of activities. My favorite was creating a time capsule that would be opened four years later on the next leap day. Waiting four years to open it is totally doable! We have not completed this yet but when we do I’m going to have my little ones choose a small toy to include in our box. I’d also like to include pictures of us, a letter telling about our life now, and some fun things we have done. A survey about our likes and interests would be fun too but my boys will need help completing it. In four years, though, they will be able to write most of it themselves. Crazy!


In retrospect, on the last Leap Day in 2012, we had no kids. I was only eight weeks pregnant with my first. A lot has changed in these last four years. I can’t wait to see what life will be like in 2020 on our next leap year. Let’s try to take it slow. Time has a way of speeding up when you least expect it!
I hope you all have an amazing  Leap Day!  Live (or should I say Leap) it up :)

What are some fun activities you will be doing on Leap Day? Comment below!

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An encounter with a wonderful father!


Good morning fellow readers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far.

A trip to the supermarket the other day brought such joy to my heart. My boys and I were shopping for some items to perform an experiment with later that day. (I will be posting about that soon!) One of the items we needed to purchase were white flowers. As my big guy and I were choosing which bouquet to buy, an older gentleman was looking in the same bin for flowers. My little guy was looking at this man with a huge smile on his face and the man said hello to him. It was a cute exchange to say the least.


Little Moments Suspended in Time

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a day filled with love and happiness!

I am lucky to have four super cool Valentine’s this year: My husband, who is the best! My two boys, whom I love beyond words. And my dog, Petey. He is the best dog anyone could have adopted.

This past week, I watched three things happen that I call “Little Moments Suspended in Time”. These are the times that occur when you least expect it and will forever live on in your memory.

I put lunchbox notes into my big boy’s lunchbox. I hope everyday that it puts a little smile on his face when he has snack. The other day I sent in one that asked “Will you be my Valentine?” and had a check box for yes and no. When he came home, I emptied out his lunchbox and inside was his lunchbox note. And the “Yes” box was checked! Little Moment number one of the week!



A bond to be thankful for

I love writing about the things I am thankful for! You only get to do this living thing once. You might as well be thankful for the wonderful parts of your life (and even be thankful for some of the not so wonderful. Your life wouldn’t be the way it is without it).


Today I am thankful for two things. First, I am thankful for the loving bond between my boys. I love seeing their relationship grow as they get older. I love how they hold hands and laugh at each other. I love how my oldest hugs his little brother and says “I love you baby brother”. I love how they play with each other. I hope that they always stay this way until they are old and gray!


I am also thankful for my dog, Petey. He is truly the best dog anyone can ask for. When we adopted him almost five years ago I did not know what to expect. Now looking back, it is the one of the best decisions we have ever made. He is such a loving and gentle dog. He is so calm when both of our boys pet him (well, sometimes it is a little more that just a pet :/ ). And he is always there at the end of the day to cuddle with me after a super busy and exhausting day. We love you Petey!

What are you thankful for today? Comment below!

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Disney does it again

This post will be short and sweet.

The other day my oldest said this phrase a few times throughout the day:

“I am exasperated.”

The first time I was stunned and then laughed. And I laughed the next few times. I was also very proud. I thought, perhaps, he listened to me when I speak. I asked him where he learned that word from, clearly expecting him to say from me. However, I can not take credit for this. He told me he learned it from Donald Duck. And to further validate that, as we were watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Donald said, “I am exasperated”. Well, how about that?!

Thank you Disney for yet again instilling wonderful vocabulary into my children!

donald duck

What are some phrases your kids pick up from TV? Comment below!

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A simple, yet fun, Halloween Project: Candy Corn Garland

hi everyone! I know I have been MIA for awhile. I have finished my online course for this semester. The school gives you until January to finish it but I did it in five weeks. Every nap time, every time after the kiddos went to sleep, pretty much every waking moment,  I was focused on that class. Now, some (or maybe very little) free time. On to the fun stuff!!

I found this simple Halloween project in the October 2015 issue of Highlights magazine. My three year old loved helping me and was even more excited to pick a place to hang it. (I have conceded to the fact that my decorations will not look neat until my kids are 15. I don’t mind, though, He has so much fun with it!) What is even better is that you most likely have all of the supplies at home.

Here are the materials you will need to make:

Candy Corn Garland


white paper plates (I suggest getting the ones that do not have a wax coating. It will be easier to color.)

yellow and orange crayons

black yarn

a small can from your cabinet


hole puncher

Step 1: Place the can in the middle of the paper plate. Trace it with the yellow crayon.

Step 2: Leave the inside of the circle white. Color from the outside of the traced circle to the indent on the plate right before the crimps yellow. Then, color the crimped part at the top of the plate orange.

Step 3: **This step involves scissors*** Cut the plate in half. Then cute each half in half. Then cute each quarter in half. You will end up with eight slices, or eight pieces of “candy corn”.


Step 4. You can repeat these steps with another plate if you want your garland to be longer. Then make two holes at the top of each candy corn with the hole puncher.

Step 5: Weave the black yarn through the holes of the candy corn. Once they are all on, you can hang it up and then adjust each piece to make it look even.


And, tada! You have your own candy corn garland! I know the crayon looks pale in the picture. The plates we used had a waxy feel to them. That is why i mentioned to get plates without. I think next year we might use paint. if you decide to use paint, send me a picture. I would love to see!

Have fun with this project! I know we did :).

Sometimes Disney Channel teaches Mommy (or Daddy) a thing or two

A few days have gone by without a posting. I apologize to my readers. I am taking online classes, getting a big guy to school every day, taking care of my little guy all day, and various other daily things. You all know how the day goes. Or better yet, where does the day go? My posts may not be as often but I will definitely be around.

Today’s post will be short. We were relaxing on the couch before bedtime tonight watching Sophia the First. (Yes, my boys love Sophia. I don’t like to expose them to “only boy” things. Boys and girls should be well-rounded, in my opinion.) I wasn’t completely paying attention but the episode was about Sophia’s sister who was getting ready for a party. She was trying too hard to make it perfect and was stressed. The butler said to her “When one tries too hard to be perfect they put the people around them into chaos”.

Well, didn’t that hit home a little too much. I focus way too much on the little things. Is my home the neatest? Nope. it isn’t dirty but it is far from neat. Is my laundry folded and neatly put away? Nope. I have about three loads of laundry that are in dire need of folding. But I am always stressing about how it needs to get done. These young years with my kids are not going to be around forever. And I have been putting everyone around me into a semi-chaotic mantra of “I need to clean this” or “I need to do this”. So, you know what I am going to do tomorrow? Look out the window with my boys and watch the rain fall. Better yet, maybe we will go outside and splash around in the puddles.

I always strive for perfection. However, maybe perfection is not always so orderly and neat. Thank you DIsney Channel yet again for your words of wisdom!

Decorating for birthdays

Sometimes I feel like I spread myself too thin. But this is my thinking. I want my kids to grow up knowing their Mommy tried her hardest. It might not have been smooth sailing all the time. But, hopefully,  it will have been a memorable childhood.
So, here is a short post about decorating for my son’s birthday.

Finding Paw Patrol decorations can be hard. And spending money on decorations annoys me. So, Google has become my friend. Ask and ye shall find. I found a happy birthday banner, paw patrol characters, and I even made my own paw patrol wrapping paper.  (I had found a roll on Amazon for $20. That wasn’t happening!)

I found most of my printables from here. Big shout out to Nick Jr. for having this available!
Here are some pictures of the final product.

Let me know what you think. And how do you make your little’s days special?

A Magical Birthday Moment


As the carousel went round and round, I felt like a little kid again. There is that moment in movies where a key moment is happening in the life of the character and time kind of slows down and music is piped in. Then the tears start to flow. The producer allowed us to feel the way the character was feeling. I had a “movie moment” the other day when we took my oldest to the Bronx Zoo for his birthday.

My oldest is still little. But not so little anymore. At the Bronx Zoo there is a Bug Carousel. The seats you sit on are all different types of bugs. My little one decided he wanted to ride on a cockroach. As the carousel started, the breeze picked up. The music started. the cockroach went up and down. And the smile on my big guy’s face was priceless. We giggled together. We talked about the other bugs we saw. The ride was only for 5 minutes. But it was the most amazing five minutes I spent with him. I can only guess this is what it must feel like when a Mommy dances with her son at his wedding ( or a Daddy with his daughter. Or whomever the bride or groom decides to dance with).

I know this moment made a mark on his heart as well. When we sat down for dinner that night, we discussed what our favorite part of that day was to each of us. My little guy said”, When me ride the bug ride with Mommy”. (I love the grammar errors in his speech. I will miss that as he gets older.)

I love you little big guy! I hope you stay as innocent and as loving as you are now. And never forget that feeling on the carousel. Life will lead you on many great adventures if you allow yourself to be open to the ups and downs and always know that Mommy and Daddy love you :).

Fun first day of school picture project


The new school year is well underway.  School supplies are bought. Teachers are met.  Friendships are starting to form. First day of school pictures taken.
Then you ask yourself,  ” How do I share these beautiful first day photos with my loved ones?”. Sure, you can email them. That is a very 2015 thing to do. I am more of a hands-on project person. Hence, the following super cool project you can do with your kids and share with everyone special in your life.
I cannot take responsibility for creating this project. I found this in the September issue of Highlights magazine High Five. It is a school bus with your kid’s pictures as the windows. And the materials are definitely things you have at home.
The materials you will need are:


Yellow construction paper
Empty paper towel roll
Pictures of your lovelies from the first day of school
Step 1: Fold the construction paper in half like a hamburger (if you aren’t sure what that means, look here. This is a throwback to my teaching days). With the crease at the top, cut a square out from the top right. I also put tape at the bottom to keep the two ends together.


Step 2: **This is an adult step** Cut the paper towel roll into 2 inch pieces. Then cut a slit in the top of each piece.


(While I was doing this I had my son decorate the yellow school bus. His idea of decorating at this point in his life is scribbling, which actually turned out great for the final product.)


Step 3: Glue the pictures to the school bus. Let it dry completely before you do step 4. Here is what it looked like in the magazine :


Step 4: Place the yellow school bus into the paper towel wheels where you made the slit. And, tada, you have a beautiful keep sake of your kid’s first day of school photos.


We made one each for both grandmas and one for ourselves. Simple and soooo cute!
I hope this project puts a smile on someone’s face in your life.
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