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It Is So Hard to Say Goodbye


I did the laundry the other day and folded little clothes. This time, however, I took a long time to fold them. I had decided it was finally time to clean out my little one’s drawers. Newborn, 3 months, 6 months sized clothing. He will never fit into them again.

As I sat there and folded teeny, tiny clothes, I reminisced. Where has this past year gone? I remember when he wore his first Valentine’s Day shirt. He was only five weeks old. At the time, the shirt was way too big for him. His first set of footie pajamas. His first t-shirt that wasn’t a onesie. His first Easter shirt. His first Fourth of July shirt. I smelled each one as I folded them and placed them into a bag. (more…)

Three years and not forgotten

A view sent from God

Today’s post will be short and sweet. My grandfather went to heaven three years ago today. I remember he use to say to us “You’ll miss me when I’m gone”. He would always say it when he was trying to prove a point and we would laugh it off. Well, Grandpa, you’re right. I do miss you. But I am sure you are having a blast wherever you are right now.

This is a post I wrote two years ago (Whoa! Time flies!) about my grandfather.

This is a more current post I wrote about him when I was a guest blogger on The Crunchy Mommy.

I still miss you old man! DJC Sr. <3

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An encounter with a wonderful father!


Good morning fellow readers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far.

A trip to the supermarket the other day brought such joy to my heart. My boys and I were shopping for some items to perform an experiment with later that day. (I will be posting about that soon!) One of the items we needed to purchase were white flowers. As my big guy and I were choosing which bouquet to buy, an older gentleman was looking in the same bin for flowers. My little guy was looking at this man with a huge smile on his face and the man said hello to him. It was a cute exchange to say the least.


Little Moments Suspended in Time

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a day filled with love and happiness!

I am lucky to have four super cool Valentine’s this year: My husband, who is the best! My two boys, whom I love beyond words. And my dog, Petey. He is the best dog anyone could have adopted.

This past week, I watched three things happen that I call “Little Moments Suspended in Time”. These are the times that occur when you least expect it and will forever live on in your memory.

I put lunchbox notes into my big boy’s lunchbox. I hope everyday that it puts a little smile on his face when he has snack. The other day I sent in one that asked “Will you be my Valentine?” and had a check box for yes and no. When he came home, I emptied out his lunchbox and inside was his lunchbox note. And the “Yes” box was checked! Little Moment number one of the week!



Happy Monday

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend. We have been battling ear infections and stomach bugs for the past week. But it was a great weekend nonetheless.

This year happens to be an important year in American politics.  We have the honor of electing a new president. I usually don’t talk about politics (or religion for that matter). People are very set in their ways so I’d rather skip the arguments. 

However, as an American citizen, I am trying to learn about each candidate and what they hope to accomplish.  This is where I am coming up a tad short. Every time I tune into a debate, all I hear is one candidate tearing the other down. Obviously they are all vying for the nomination from their party. But at what cost.

I decided to look up the meaning of the word debate, thinking I misunderstood the term. This what it said on Merriam-Webster (a pretty reputable dictionary): a discussion between people in which they express different opinions about something.

Discussing different opinions  I want to see. But all I see is people saying what the other person did wrong. I never really hear what they will try to do. I just want to make an informed decision. I don’t want a laundry list of what the other person didn’t do.

You will probably see few political posts from me. But, how do you all feel about the debates? Comment below!

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To the girls in the city


It was an early December evening and it was absolutely beautiful. The temperatures were in the high 40s that night. Mu husband and I were in the city to celebrate our cousin’s 30th birthday. It was just the two of us for a night out, so we decided to head in early. We just walked down the streets of Manhattan with not a care (well, a Mommy always thinks about her kids, but you know what I mean). The spring-like air made me feel rejuvenated as well.

In the midst of just being “us” and enjoying the night, my “Teacher Ear” (as I like to refer to being able to listen to a million things at once) caught a conversation between two girls. They were in their early 20s. It went something like this:

Friend 1: So, what are you doing for the holidays?

Friend 2: Ugh, I will be going to the island to spend time with my family. (“the island” is “Long Island”.) 

Friend 1: I know! Me too. It is just so annoying,

Friend 2: I can’t stand listening to the same (expletive) stories over and over again. Old people are just soooo annoying! (more…)

Happy 2016 from Mrs. Z (Finally!)

I want to say Happy New Year to all of you! It has been such a busy part of life over here in Mrs. Z land. I am trying to not be so hard on myself and I am trying to come to terms that I can not do everything. Writing and this blog are a big part of who I am so I will not be giving it up. You may not see posts from me everyday but know that I am always jotting down new things to write about.

I think about this blog as a third child and I feel so guilty when I don’t give it the time and attention that it deserves. There are times when writing for this blog overwhelms me and that creative energy floes out of me for awhile.

Then I saw this graffiti work on the side of a building a few weeks back and it planted a seed that has begun to grow.


I tried getting the entire pencil, however, I am not a great photographer ;). I loved how it said “No writer should live in fear”. It was such an eye opening phrase for me. I should never let writing get the best of who I am. I know there will be moments in life where I need to focus on other tasks. However, this blog will be my space where I can go to express what is important to me. It will be the place where I can go to share with all of you my thoughts. And, I hope, a place where someone will read something and have that ah-ha moment and know they are not alone and that they can do anything they set their mind to doing.

Here is to a wonderful amazing New Year to all of you! A new year with endless possibilities!

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So Many Reasons to be Thankful!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone will be with those that they are thankful for in their lives.

Today I am thankful for three parts of my life. First, my darling husband. He still loves me after being puked on, spit up on, peed on, and Lord knows what else on. He has given me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, for which I am ever grateful. He does so much for us and never really asks for a thank you. I love you!

Second, I am thankful for the pitter patter of little feet in my home. I know that sometimes I get frustrated and don’t think I can take it anymore. I know I sometimes wish for them to be older. Honestly, it scares me to think about the future and the quiet. In just 15 years my oldest will be off to college. Fifteen years! Fifteen years ago was not that long ago. So fast forward fifteen years and that is definitely not a long time. It will be silent. The days are long but the years are short. I am thankful for the sounds of those little feet and little laughter. (Can we just freeze this time in our lives?)

Last, but not least, I am thankful for you, my wonderful and loyal readers! Some of you have been here since the beginning. For some of you this might be your first ( and I hope not your last) visit. I write because of you. We are a virtual family that sticks together through thick and thin. For your loyalty and your interest, I am forever thankful.

From my family to yours, have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and mounds of food ( yes, I said it. Mounds of food. Live it up people!).

Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend :)

We are a few days away from Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for the beautiful pink sky at sunset last night. The whole world looked pink. The pictures in this post definitely do not do it justice. I am thankful that I got to witness it and that I got to share it with my family.

Here are some other posts about my week of being thankful.

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Isn’t this gorgeous!?
A view sent from God
Look how deep that color is

A bond to be thankful for

I love writing about the things I am thankful for! You only get to do this living thing once. You might as well be thankful for the wonderful parts of your life (and even be thankful for some of the not so wonderful. Your life wouldn’t be the way it is without it).


Today I am thankful for two things. First, I am thankful for the loving bond between my boys. I love seeing their relationship grow as they get older. I love how they hold hands and laugh at each other. I love how my oldest hugs his little brother and says “I love you baby brother”. I love how they play with each other. I hope that they always stay this way until they are old and gray!


I am also thankful for my dog, Petey. He is truly the best dog anyone can ask for. When we adopted him almost five years ago I did not know what to expect. Now looking back, it is the one of the best decisions we have ever made. He is such a loving and gentle dog. He is so calm when both of our boys pet him (well, sometimes it is a little more that just a pet :/ ). And he is always there at the end of the day to cuddle with me after a super busy and exhausting day. We love you Petey!

What are you thankful for today? Comment below!

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