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A Beautiful Mid-November Morning


Today I am thankful for the cool, crisp air and the fall feel as I took a leisurely stroll with my littlest one this morning. It was only a twenty minute walk but it helped to clear my head and to slow things down for a while.

I am also thankful that the walk helped me to slow down for a bit. I get so caught up in the little things that I forget to stop and look around.

Thank you beautiful fall weather!

A simple thank you


Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was a beautiful fall weekend here. I hope everyone had a chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery around them.

A few weeks ago my sons and I went to a local dentist who was collecting Halloween candy to send to the troops overseas. It was a buyback program. They weigh the candy and the kids get $1 per pound. My boys got $4. As we were leaving the dentist, my oldest asked me what a soldier was and where his candy was going. I explained to him that his candy was about to go on an adventure. I told him it was going on an airplane to many different countries so that soldiers who help to protect us everyday can have a little joy in their lives. (I obviously explained it in simpler terms to him.) The talk of soldiers came up again a week later when we observed Veteran’s Day. I explained that whenever you see a soldier you need to thank them for protecting us.

Fast forward to this past Saturday. My oldest and I went to Babies R’ Us for a few things. As we were paying I had noticed he was staring over my shoulder with a small smile and look of awe on his face. After taking care of my purchase I turned around and saw a soldier from the U.S. Army standing behind us. He had an eye patch, a cane, and was in full uniform. I looked at my son and told him that the man standing behind us was a soldier. His face perked up. I then told my son to say thank you to him for all of his hard work. My son lifted his innocent little eyes to look at the man, and, in his tiniest voice, said these two very simple words:”Thank you”.

The man was taken off guard because almost instantaneously his eyes filled with tears and, in a shaky voice, he said, “Thank you buddy” and shook my son’s hand. My little guy was so excited to shake a soldier’s hand. The man and I exchanged a few words and then my son and I were on our way. I left the store explaining to my oldest that what he did was a wonderful way to show how we appreciate those who serve.

I also left the store fighting back tears. Here was this man who didn’t know me or my family at all. And he risks his life everyday to protect them. That is definitely something to be thankful about. Our service men and women are amazing people. And a simple thank you is the lest we can do to let them know.

I will be writing about things that I am thankful for in the upcoming days. What are some things that you are thankful for? Comment below :).

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Disney does it again

This post will be short and sweet.

The other day my oldest said this phrase a few times throughout the day:

“I am exasperated.”

The first time I was stunned and then laughed. And I laughed the next few times. I was also very proud. I thought, perhaps, he listened to me when I speak. I asked him where he learned that word from, clearly expecting him to say from me. However, I can not take credit for this. He told me he learned it from Donald Duck. And to further validate that, as we were watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Donald said, “I am exasperated”. Well, how about that?!

Thank you Disney for yet again instilling wonderful vocabulary into my children!

donald duck

What are some phrases your kids pick up from TV? Comment below!

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The most Mom-ish thing I have ever said

It feels so good to be writing again. In the few weeks that I put The Mrs Z Files on hold while I finished my class, I kept a list of ideas I wanted to share with you. I actually feel refreshed to start this up again. Maybe taking a step back every once in a while is not a bad thing. It helps to recharge the batteries. I hope you all enjoy my commentaries that I share with you. it is very cathartic for me and I enjoy knowing that I might brighten someone’s day (at least I hope I brighten your day :) ).  Now, on to today’s feature.

I love being a mommy. It is the best thing in the world. It is the craziest, most exhausting thing you will ever do. But I love it. However, I also like to keep parts of me from before I was a mommy as well. I do not want to get too lost in being a mommy where I forget who I am. My husband and I do date nights at least once month. I try really hard to keep reading (which is extremely difficult when after your kids go to sleep all you want to do is sit on the couch and do nothing). I fit in exercise here and there (although these days I count running after two kids and lifting them about fifty times a day my workout).

I also try to not to sound too Mom-ish. However, it comes with the territory. Hence, the main idea of my post today. The three supermarkets within a five mile radius of my home were all Waldbaums. As many of you have heard, Waldbaums has gone out of business. Each Waldbaums has been bought out by other supermarket chains.

And now for the most Mom-ish thing I have ever said: I love that I now have three different supermarkets within five miles of my home! I love that I can check prices on items I am going to buy. I love that I have a choice of where to shop. And I love all of the perks that come with their loyalty cards!

Phew!! Ok, I finally go that out of my system. Did I sound like a mom right there or what? But it feels so good to say it! I love the new supermarket choices. It is even rubbing off on my oldest. He keeps saying,” Mommy, we go to new supermarket today? Me like it there!”. Well, it is never too early to instill bargain shopping.

What is the most Mom-ish thing you have ever said? Comment below!

Have a super day!

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Sometimes Disney Channel teaches Mommy (or Daddy) a thing or two

A few days have gone by without a posting. I apologize to my readers. I am taking online classes, getting a big guy to school every day, taking care of my little guy all day, and various other daily things. You all know how the day goes. Or better yet, where does the day go? My posts may not be as often but I will definitely be around.

Today’s post will be short. We were relaxing on the couch before bedtime tonight watching Sophia the First. (Yes, my boys love Sophia. I don’t like to expose them to “only boy” things. Boys and girls should be well-rounded, in my opinion.) I wasn’t completely paying attention but the episode was about Sophia’s sister who was getting ready for a party. She was trying too hard to make it perfect and was stressed. The butler said to her “When one tries too hard to be perfect they put the people around them into chaos”.

Well, didn’t that hit home a little too much. I focus way too much on the little things. Is my home the neatest? Nope. it isn’t dirty but it is far from neat. Is my laundry folded and neatly put away? Nope. I have about three loads of laundry that are in dire need of folding. But I am always stressing about how it needs to get done. These young years with my kids are not going to be around forever. And I have been putting everyone around me into a semi-chaotic mantra of “I need to clean this” or “I need to do this”. So, you know what I am going to do tomorrow? Look out the window with my boys and watch the rain fall. Better yet, maybe we will go outside and splash around in the puddles.

I always strive for perfection. However, maybe perfection is not always so orderly and neat. Thank you DIsney Channel yet again for your words of wisdom!

Decorating for birthdays

Sometimes I feel like I spread myself too thin. But this is my thinking. I want my kids to grow up knowing their Mommy tried her hardest. It might not have been smooth sailing all the time. But, hopefully,  it will have been a memorable childhood.
So, here is a short post about decorating for my son’s birthday.

Finding Paw Patrol decorations can be hard. And spending money on decorations annoys me. So, Google has become my friend. Ask and ye shall find. I found a happy birthday banner, paw patrol characters, and I even made my own paw patrol wrapping paper.  (I had found a roll on Amazon for $20. That wasn’t happening!)

I found most of my printables from here. Big shout out to Nick Jr. for having this available!
Here are some pictures of the final product.

Let me know what you think. And how do you make your little’s days special?

A Magical Birthday Moment


As the carousel went round and round, I felt like a little kid again. There is that moment in movies where a key moment is happening in the life of the character and time kind of slows down and music is piped in. Then the tears start to flow. The producer allowed us to feel the way the character was feeling. I had a “movie moment” the other day when we took my oldest to the Bronx Zoo for his birthday.

My oldest is still little. But not so little anymore. At the Bronx Zoo there is a Bug Carousel. The seats you sit on are all different types of bugs. My little one decided he wanted to ride on a cockroach. As the carousel started, the breeze picked up. The music started. the cockroach went up and down. And the smile on my big guy’s face was priceless. We giggled together. We talked about the other bugs we saw. The ride was only for 5 minutes. But it was the most amazing five minutes I spent with him. I can only guess this is what it must feel like when a Mommy dances with her son at his wedding ( or a Daddy with his daughter. Or whomever the bride or groom decides to dance with).

I know this moment made a mark on his heart as well. When we sat down for dinner that night, we discussed what our favorite part of that day was to each of us. My little guy said”, When me ride the bug ride with Mommy”. (I love the grammar errors in his speech. I will miss that as he gets older.)

I love you little big guy! I hope you stay as innocent and as loving as you are now. And never forget that feeling on the carousel. Life will lead you on many great adventures if you allow yourself to be open to the ups and downs and always know that Mommy and Daddy love you :).

And sometimes Mickey is a source of comfort


Here is a short follow-up to my post about Mickey Mouse the other day.

My son started school last week and on the first day we were up bright and early! (Let’s hope it is this easy everyday.) The past few weeks he has been asking to watch Paw Patrol (just one episode Mommy) when he wakes up in the morning. You can tell he was somewhat hesitant that first morning of school. As we sat down, he looked at me and said, “Mommy, I want a Mickey”. I looked at him and knew that he was nervous about school. I said “No problem honey”. We watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and cuddled for twenty minutes.

Mickey may not be one of our regular TV choices these days. However, Mickey may be just hit the spot when all we need is a little TLC.

Happy Monday all!

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See ya real soon Mickey Mouse


“Mommy, just one more Mickey.”

“Don’t you want to watch something else?”

“No Mommy, one more Mickey. Pleaseeeee!”

This was a conversation my son and I had about two months ago after watching many episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that day. It seems like we had had this conversation everyday since he could talk. His love for Mickey stretched far and wide. Of course, I was growing tired of it. The first five hundred times we watched Mickey were great. Then it just became mundane to me. However, the old saying “Be careful what you wish for” came to bite me in the you know what.

About a month or so ago my son asked out of the blue to watch Paw Patrol. I had no idea what this show was or what channel it was on. I said I would find it later. After an hour of constant whining, I caved and found it was on Nick Jr. Nick Jr? We never watch that channel. I have no clue where he learned of this show but I turned it on and it became his new obsession.

Paw Patrol has become an instant favorite in our house. However, it has made Mommy’s consistent life seem somewhat off kilter. Mickey Mouse what part of our routine. After breakfast we would watch one episode. After dinner we would watch one episode. Some other episodes were sprinkled throughout our daily routine here and there. And then, just one day, it was gone. To be replaced by a pack of dogs who save the day.

Don’t get me wrong. Paw Patrol is actually a really cute cartoon. It is just that this sudden change of shows makes me feel like my baby is no longer a baby. He is growing up. His taste in shows is changing. Does this all sound weird? I mean, it’s a cartoon for crying out loud.

Mickey Mouse was my baby’s show. It was the first show where we cuddled and laughed together. Whenever he saw something in real life he could connect to Mickey he would proudly state it. Now that throne has been passed on to Paw Patrol.

I guess whenever my little big boy is having a bad day, Ryder and his team of pups will have to come and save the day. I guess we will just yelp for help (please tell me there are other mommies or daddies out there who get my reference in those last two sentences 😉 ).

Don’t worry Mickey Mouse. We won’t forget you. This isn’t goodbye. This is just a “See ya real soon” moment for us.

P.S. The picture is from my son’s first birthday.

I don’t mean to be mean. I just honestly don’t remember.

Today’s post is short, but sweet.

Have you ever seen someone, and you know their face, but you can’t remember their name? They know yours because they already said hello and added your name after it. Well, that is me all of the time. So, if I ever come across you, and I don’t know your name, please do not take it as I do not like you. You would think after being a teacher for so long, and memorizing 50 plus kids’ names a year, you would be able to remember. Alas, that is not my case.

Honestly, I just can’t remember. But I still love ya! 😉