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Some people should NOT be pet owners!

This is a picture of my dog, Petey. I did not have a picture of the dogs you will read about today. However, I wanted to to include some happiness into this post since I am ranting a lot in it ;).


You all know how I feel about animals, especially dogs. I have talked about my hairy son, Petey, numerous times. For all of you non-dog owners, we dog lovers always refer to our pets as children. The reason why is because they simply are another part of our family.

A few days ago I came across a situation that sent my blood boiling. It was a 90 degree September day and my little one and I met a friend of his and his mom for lunch. It was a great day out and a rather pleasant lunch (especially when it included 2 toddlers).  My son and I walked to our car that was parked by a CVS and I noticed two large dogs tied up on the fence. I wouldn’t have taken much notice, but it was really hot and they were panting on the black top. I went closer and saw they had no tags on and the leashes were pretty ratty and falling apart. I looked around and there was no one in sight. I went into the store to let the manager know about this and she just brushed it off. I told her I was going to buy water and a bowl so they can at least have something to drink. She got bothered by that and told me she didn’t want them disturbed or barking. She did say that she would make an announcement over the loud speaker in case the owner was in the store.

I left the store and was not pleased at all with the manager’s response. I mean, these are living things sitting in the sun on blacktop on a 90 degree day. I understand some people aren’t dog people, but do people just give up on living things that easily? Anyway, I waited outside for about 15 minutes (I had already been there for 15 minutes already) and no one showed  up. I then dialed 311 (which is a general information hotline in NYC) and they redirected me to the ASPCA. Unfortunately, the phone just kept ringing for 2 minutes. I was so frustrated at this point. I then decided to call my veterinarian and see if they could refer me to anyone or place. The woman was very nice and first asked if I wanted to bring them in to see if they had a chip. I said no since the dogs were quite big, I had my son, and I didn’t know if they would attack (they didn’t seem like that type but you never know). She then told me to call my local precinct and they would come to take them.

I was about to call when all of a sudden this woman walks over, takes the leashes and walks away with the dogs. I stood there stunned for a second and then called out to her asking if they were her dogs. She turned around and rolled her eyes at me and left. I then said that I had been standing with them for 45 minutes in the blazing sun and they had no water. There was no response from her and she kept walking. Unbelievable!

As a pet owner I would never leave my dog outside in the extreme heat for 45 minutes ( and that was how long I was there for. Who knows how long they were there before I arrived.).  I also would never take my dog anywhere without proper ID tags. This woman was totally irresponsible and should not own a pet, let alone 2 dogs. I keep thinking about those dogs and hope they live in a good home and that this was just a bad judgement call.

A sweet side note. The entire time we waited by the dogs, my son kept wanting to give them his water cup so they can drink water. He doesn’t speak in complete sentences yet but he would hold the cup towards them and say ” Ruff, Water”. It was really sweet and I hope I have taught him how to be compassionate to those who deserve it.

Please, be kind to animals. If you are not a dog person, that is totally fine. Dogs aren’t for everyone. However, do not treat them the way this woman treated her dogs. Remember: Pets are living things too!

Do you have a similar animal story? Comment below!

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Back from a summer hiatus!


Hello Happy Mrs. Z Readers! I am back from a refreshing summer hiatus. Time seems to fly by during the summer. We literally tried to pack in every summer activity you can do in 60 days. I think I need a vacation from vacation.  On the positive side, it was one of the best summers in a long time. I’d like to thank my little guy for that one. I have loved going to farmer’s markets, parks, pools, beaches, farms, and countless other places with him.

There was something I noticed the other day that I wanted to relay to you. My husband, little man, and I went for a walk with our dog a few days ago. It was one of those early September evenings when the sun is almost setting but hasn’t yet. (I could have just said dusk but why be so mundane ;). ) The temperature was a perfect 72 degrees with puffy white clouds in the sky here and there. It was really an awesome night. During our walk I did notice one thing: It was very quiet. I heard crickets and the last of the summer cicada in the distance. There were the few cars that were passing by. But there wasn’t the sound of voices. Then it dawned on me: school has started.  Children were probably involved in their nightly routines of getting ready for the next day. Then it dawned on me again: I needed to really focus on this night. On this sense of freedom. On how simple life is right now. In a few short years I will be back in the daily grind. Joining the work force once. I wanted to bottle that night and hold on to it. To use it as my happy place.

It is a moment in time that will stay with me forever.

Happy back to school to all of the kids out there and to their amazing teachers! This is going to be a super year!

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A bargain? No, a steal!!

Howdy readers! How is everyone doing today?!

I wanted to share with you a great deal I found yesterday. My never ending quest for bargains and deals is something I thrive on. I have needed to buy a new set of drinking glasses for awhile. My husband and I have been married for 5 years (time flies!). We had 3 sets of 8 glasses when we had our wedding shower. At the time I thought it was completely way too much and stored 2 sets away. Well, five years later, and there are only about 8 glasses left. So many glasses have chipped and broken.

Back to my never ending quest for bargains and deals. I was at Kohl’s yesterday with my little one and decided to take a sojourn down the clearance aisle. Everything was 90% off! And most of it was odds and ends. Then, I came across a set of drinking glasses.


They were glass and pretty solid too. I looked at the price and it definitely swayed my decision.

20140729_161101 20140729_161116


They were $1.19 a piece!!! I looked at the bottom and the original price was $11.99. To me, that’s a steal!!! I bought four, even though my inner voice said I should have bought 8. Just because something is cheap does not mean you have to go over board and break the bank.

Buying these glasses totally made my day. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?!

Comment below with your bargain story. We would all love to hear about it :).

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The sounds of summer

Hello loyal readers! This summer has been so busy! I apologize for not writing as often. I do hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather :).

I saw a question a few days ago that asked about your favorite sounds. I read it a few times and really couldn’t come up with anything except for when my little one says “Mommy”. (I know, it is so cliche of a parent, but it really is the best sound!)


Then I was enjoying a beautiful summer night with my husband and son. We had spent the whole day outside and were finally winding down from all of our fun filled activities.  As I let my mind wander from the show we were watching, I became aware of the sounds around me. I heard the mixture of neighbors’ conversations. The sound of children giggling and running up the sidewalk. I heard the distant hum of cars and their horns. The soft breeze made the leaves give off a pretty background music of sorts. Besides the sounds, it also had the smell of summer in the air. I can’t quite describe what it is but it’s a mixture of freshly cut grass, water from the sprinklers on the grass, and the remnants of a sun-kissed day. Am I getting too poetic here?

It is days like those that make going through the torture of winter and the impending doom after the autumn almost worth it. I absolutely love where I live. The only thing I would change is moving to a city where there is not that bad of a winter. You can’t have it all, can you now?

I hope you enjoy a day like the one I described above. I love paying attention to the type of day it is. People sometimes think I am ignoring them if we are in an outside setting. I am not ignoring them in the least. I am simply taking in everything. From the swaying of the trees to the chirping of the birds. Pay attention to your days. It helps to slow them down.

What are you favorite sounds ( or any other sense) of the summer? Comment below!

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Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day! Historically, the Declaration of Independence was actually approved on July 2, 1776 by the Continental Congress. However, by the time they agreed on the wording and such, the papers were officially dated July 4, 1776. How is that for you history buffs!?

American history is amazing! There is so much that happened in such a short amount of time (we are only 238 years old). We are technically a young nation. However, we have set an example for many ideals. Many would argue that point, but I firmly believe it. Does our country have flaws? Of course. But what country doesn’t? We just need to learn from our mistakes and move on from there. A widely used quote throughout the centuries in American history is “Let freedom ring”. We are so lucky to have these freedoms. Rejoice in that fact. Do not be embarrassed by it.

Here are some great tidbits throughout American history. Everyone should know these. It is our duty as Americans to keep the memories of those who fought for our freedoms alive. If you are also interested in more modern history, I suggest watching The Sixties miniseries on CNN. It is well put together and very informative.

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful day! Relax! Eat lots of hot dogs and apple pie! Be safe! But most of all, show your American pride! Happy July4th!

Who doesn’t enjoy all things free?!

Happy July 1st! Summer is definitely in full swing now!

I know during the summer many families enjoy taking vacations. I know we do! What better way to book a vacation then to find some free places to go while you are at your destination!! Yes, I said FREE! I was reading the July issue of Parents Magazine and came across a great article. It outlined free destinations in all 50 states.


I love sharing all things free. Maybe one of these attractions is close to your home. That is always perfect since you won’t need lodging. Perhaps one is close to where you will be staying on vacation. It is a win-win all around. Here is to a fabulous summer and to even more fabulous FREE attractions!

If you know of a free attraction near you, comment below. I am sure everyone would love some free ideas! :).

I wish I had more time for a good book

Hello my readers! It has been awhile since my last post. The weather has been amazing, so the majority of my time is spent outdoors with my little one.

I did have a question for all of you moms out there. How do you fit in reading into your very busy lifestyles? I am craving to read a really good book. However, between taking care of my son, doing the housework, going on playdates, errands, etc., I feel that there is zero time. By the time my son goes to bed I am literally exhausted.

So, give me some tips: How do you fit reading into your daily schedule?

Comment below!! Thanks :)


Happy Monday

Happy Monday! This picture of Elmo made me happy. I thought I would share it with you :).



I feel the need to vent today. I don’t generally like to do that. Everyone has their own problems. I don’t need to add to them. However, this has been on my mind a lot lately.

I don’t know if becoming a mom has made me more observant. However, some people’s driving skills are severely lacking lately. I cannot stand when you are driving down a side street, not a major highway, and the person is right on your behind. And I am driving the speed limit. There is no need to drive 60 mph down a side street. God forbid a child, adult, or even a dog or cat steps out at the wrong time. The person behind the wheel will most likely blame the injured party.

Do you know why they will blame the injured party? Because it’s these people who feel the world owes them something. It’s those people who walk around with a chip on their shoulder like they are better than everyone else. Well, person who does not follow the laws of the road, listen up: you are not better than everyone else! There is no need to go so fast, or to go straight through a stop sign, or to tailgate someone. Unless the person next to you needs to get to the hospital right away (and in that case you should have dialed 911), you do not have to get where you are going that quickly. Who cares if you are a few minutes late? And if you 100% need to be on time, here is a suggestion: leave an hour before you need to.

I also plead with many of you (well, not my readers. I know you are all amazing people :) ): Do NOT touch your cell phone while driving!!! I will be honest with you. When I first started driving I use to text and talk on my phone all the time. Then when I started working I realized that I could hurt many people. No phone call or text is that important. If you need to use your phone, than pull over.

I have seen so many people disobey driving laws lately and it just gets me so irritated. Please remember that school is out. We need to be extra careful now since there will be so many kids on the streets. Safety is key people!

Comment below if you have had any similar experiences. I like to know it is not just me who is seeing this.

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. To those that celebrated Father’s Day, I hope it was an amazing day!

I want to be honest with you. I think I always have been. I feel like holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s day are important because these people are extremely important to the family dynamic. However, I feel that these days have also become commercialized and somehow obtrusive to those who may not be participating for whatever reason.

I think everyone can see how big chain stores use these days as a way to up their revenue for their sales in that quarter. Sales on everything you can think of are advertised for weeks on end, until even the biggest skeptic is brainwashed into thinking that the item will never be any cheaper and they must buy it now. To me, something handmade by a little one is so much more precious and heartfelt than any material object.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can also be a day that hurts many people. It may bring up memories (good or bad) that send someone on an emotional rollercoaster. I only celebrate Father’s Day because of my grandfather and my wonderful husband. ( I will not get into my own paternal strife. I will save you the sob story.) I would never not celebrate Father’s Day. My husband has earned it and I want my son to shower his Daddy with happiness. However, from someone who has been there, Father’s Day is just another day.

This post is for those who may take a few moments on these days and wonder. Don’t worry. Mrs. Z understands.

Any type of mom is a wonderful mom!

cartoon house

I know this is a topic that has been discussed consistently. However, when it comes to working moms and stay at home moms, my motto is: We all need to stick together!

The idea for today’s post came from this article. It is a letter from a stay at home mom to a working mom and then vice versa. Each letter had such a powerful message in it. The stigma of both types of moms needs to be eradicated. Mostly, people need to mind their own business.

I am a stay at home mom, by choice, and I cannot tell you the countless times I have had people say things to my face that make my blood boil. I do not know if they are said as a joke or they are serious. People need to think before they speak. No, I do not have time to get manicures and pedicures all the time (I just got one this weekend and it was the first time since December. No joke!). I do not have time to catch up on my DVR during the day (My DVR is actually at almost full capacity from not being able to watch my favorites). My house is not the tidiest (It is clean but there are certainly things everywhere). My time is very limited. It is all about my love!

Now, with that being said, I have been in the presence of women who are working moms and I have overheard people making comments about that. One of the classics is “Oh, don’t you hate leaving them with someone else all week long?”. The person asking the question has this look of sorrow on their face. Umm, I think working moms think this all the time. Why don’t you rub it in their face even more. (If you can’t guess, that was pure sarcasm.) Another one is “You must love being at work. At least you get some time to yourself.” While I am not saying this is a false statement, I am sure most working moms would rather be with their little ones. I heard this one time and I almost had to laugh because the person was dead serious:”At least you only have to spend a few hours being mommy. Then you get the rest of the night to yourself.”. Really? I stood there with my mouth open. How can anyone say that to a working mom? Unbelievable!

A common phrase comes to mind: Think before you speak. Everyone makes their own decision to be either a stay at home or a working mother. The rest of the world does not need to make their decision any harder than it has to be. To all of you moms, no matter what course in life you choose, you are doing a wonderful job. And your children will thank you one day for it. That is the only thing that matters.