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Apple picking time!

Fall time. I both love it and dread it at the same time. A new season is a promise of so many new possibilities. I love the changing of the leaves and all of the exciting fall festivals. However, it is a constant reminder of what is coming next: winter. I have never been a fan of the of the winter. I rather dislike the cold and snow. It is annoying to have to put on a million layers just to step outside. The sun sets so early. It is rather dismal. For over 30 years I have lived in this type of climate and I don’t think I have ever gotten use to it.

On a brighter note, my family and I went apple picking this past weekend! Well, there weren’t that many apples left on the trees (maybe an earlier visit next year will be in the plans), but we still had an awesome time. My little one loved picking up the apples that had fallen from the trees and throwing them. We saw different animals and got to spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a great day!

A few days before we went apple picking, we had a really rainy and damp day where we live. So, I decided it was time to do an art project. My son and I made an apple tree in preparation of our upcoming apple picking trip. It was really simple. I used a marker to make the tree part and the trunk. My little one then painted the trunk brown and the leaves green. I didn’t have red pompoms on hand, so we wound up painting cotton balls red (I actually wound up doing that part while little bub smeared his hands with paint :)  ). For a project that I thought about 5 minutes before we started, it came out cute! Below are pictures of the tools we used and the final project:

Art supplies:


Waiting for our masterpiece to dry:




All done!



Hope you can use this project in your fall activities. Let me know how it comes out!

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A rainy day thought

Today was a rainy morning where we live. While my son and I were playing with his toys it reminded me of a rainy day during the summer. I had never shared this picture with you and I couldn’t wait to write to all of you :).

On that rainy summer day, we had played with toys but after about 2 hours we were both getting bored. So Mommy decided to take out the paint. I figured why not. Let’s get messy. And that is exactly what we did. My son fingerpainted for a good 90 minutes and Mommy just let him go (even though my inner voice was screaming “What a mess!!”. Sometimes my OCD gets the best of me but that day I just let him have fun.).

Paint wound up going everywhere. But the thing that I noticed more than anything was his hands. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. I just thought it was the cutest and sweetest thing. And now I will share it with you:



Adorable right? I am so glad I let go of my insecurities about the mess. We would have missed out on an awesome painting session. But most of all just letting my son be what he is: a kid. Here’s to the little things :).

P.S. This is what my little Picasso made:


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Fun July 4th Activities

flag jar

Holy Hotness! I will not complain about the weather because I prefer hot over the outrageously cold winter we had this year. It is mighty steamy out, though. Today I want to share with you some fun activities you can do around the house when the day is at its hottest.

This activity I found on the Mailbox Facebook page. It seems super easy, especially for little ones. I was thinking of using a large index card for the flag shape. I then want to write in blue and red marker the color names so my son can see the color and know which cotton ball goes where on the paper. (I know it sounds great written down. I’m sure I will be coaching a lot. It is all about the modeling, though :). )

Another cute Independence Day art project are these patriotic stars for the lawn. The directions say you can use toothpicks to make a design on the star and then spray paint over it. I might just cut out a star shape and use washable paint. For the older kids the toothpicks might be a more exciting option.

These frozen watermelon pops seem super easy and extremely refreshing on a hot summer day.

Hopefully these ideas will make the days leading up to July 4th an exciting one! And don’t forget to let your little ones know why we celebrate this special day. It isn’t all about the fireworks :).

Let us know of any patriotic activities you do with your kids :). Comment below!

A great website resource for moms (and teachers too!)

Today’s post will be a short one.

I wanted to share with you a site I use for many projects I do with my son or once did with my students. It is called DLTK Kids. You can find almost anything. I find projects to do with my little one, cards I can print out in a jiffy, and I even found gift tags to put on presents. It is so simple and the patterns are cute. Plus, it is all completely FREE!

Here is an example of gift tags you can use for Fourth of July (it only saved the picture. But you get the picture.):



You can also get certificates to reward your little ones with any good deed or accomplishment :). I hope you liked my sharing post for today! :)

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I challenged my inner Bob Ross last night

“I have not one artistic bone in me.” That is usually my stock answer when people say that I must have done so many art projects with my students. And anyone who has taught with me knows: I am not a fan of art projects in my classroom. Haha! Don’t get me wrong. If someone wants to come into my classroom and create an art project with my students, I would never say no. I would welcome it. However, having to deal with the craziness and mess that comes with just me after do art with my students sometimes messes with my senses.  Call me mean. However, talk to any of my students. They loved my class (at least I think they do 😉 ).

Anyway, I highly recommend attending a paint night with your friends, mom, sisters, etc. My sister gave my mom and I tickets to a paint night and we went yesterday (my sister was there as well). It was so much fun! The teacher literally talks you through step by step. I mean, she tells you where to put each paint stroke. What do you think of my final product:


This is coming from someone with no artistic ability at all. It was great seeing other people’s paintings as well. There were about 50 people in the room and everyone had a different interpretation. This is definitely a must for everyone!

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You can have your cake (err…Goldfish) and eat it too!


I finally made homemade Goldfish! I wrote this post over a month ago and just found the time to make Goldfish this weekend. It was such a simple recipe and they tasted delicious! ( I made these three days ago and they are pretty much gone.)

There are five ingredients for this recipe. You will need:

  • 8 ounces, weight Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
  • 4 Tablespoons Butter, Cut Into Cubes
  • 1 cup Flour
  • ¾ teaspoons Salt
  • 2 Tablespoons Cold Water



The directions say to use a food processor and mix all of the ingredients, except the water, together until it looks like coarse sand. I used my stand mixer and it still came out like the described texture. When it came time to add the water, the pictures show the mixture to look like a ball of dough. Mine was still sandy and loose. I’m not sure if that has to do with using the mixer or not. However, I was able to shape the ingredients together in plastic wrap and refrigerate it.


When it came time to roll the dough out, it was still loose on the edges.  But I was able to work around that. I used 2 inch cookie cutters because it was the smallest I had. They suggested using the aluminum from a soda can to make a shape.( I do not have soda cans in the house. Nor would I be able to fashion a fish shape. I am definitely not that crafty.) Every time I made shapes and ran out of places to make more crackers, I would just roll everything back together and roll out the dough again. The coarseness of the dough eventually went away.


I was able to make about 70 crackers. If the cookie cutter was smaller, the dough would probably make around 100 crackers. I also would make the dough thinner when I rolled it out. The crackers tasted just like a real Goldfish. However, they were a little soft in the middle. I missed the crunchy effect!


All in all I would say this recipe deserves two thumbs up! It was very easy to follow and took less than an hour to complete. My son loves snacking on them and my husband sneaks one in every time he passes the container in the kitchen. For that reason, I know they are good!

Let us know how your Goldfish adventure turned it!

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Mother’s Day Project

May is always a month filled with birthdays and fun almost summer celebrations. Not only is my mom’s birthday in May, but my mother-in-law’s is in May as well (their birthdays are a day apart!). Their birthdays also happen to be about a week before Mother’s Day. So, when it comes to finding cute projects made by my little guy, I need to find them in one fell swoop. Grandma’s love homemade projects from their grandkids.

Today’s post is an easy, but really cute, project that any child can do. This is even young toddler easy.  Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, this could be an activity that you and your little ones can do this week. You can even do it on Saturday  (the day before) it is that simple. I found this on Pinterest and tweaked it a little bit.

Here are the supplies you will need:


1. Paint ( I used washable since it involves fingerpainting)

2. Thick paper (you can use cardstock or I used Watercolor Paper)

3. Letter Stickers or Masking tape

4. Picture Frame

The steps are as follows:

1. Choose what you want the picture to say. I chose to have it say “Love You Grammy”. The picture on pinterest  shows it says “Love”. Once you have chosen the saying, arrange the letters on the paper. You can get crafty in how you want to arrange them. Since this was my first time trying this, I took the easy route.

**The directions on the site said to use masking tape and create the letters that way. I tried and I couldn’t get the letters right. If you can do it, by all means use the masking tape. I decided on the stickers.**

2. Here is the part your child will love! Choose however many colors you want on the paper (we went with two). Then pour some on a paper plate and let your child dip their hands in the paint. Then let them fingerpaint away all over the paper.


3. Once they have finished painting, let it dry. The paint I used took about an hour.

4. When the paint is dry peel the stickers off and you have an amazing painting created by your little one. You can choose to frame it like I did. Or you can leave it as is. (The site showed the project being done on a canvas. That may be something you choose to do.)


There you go! This was such an easy project but extremely cute. Grandmas (and Moms) will love to display this in their house!

I hope you have fun with this project. Let us know if you changed the project in any way. And let us know of any other cute projects you may be doing for Mother’s Day. See you tomorrow!

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Easy and cute Spring Project for the kids!


Spring is here! Well, there was just a little bit of snow  yesterday. But who cares! The warmer temperatures will prevail in a few days. We have conquered the winter!

Since it is spring time and the spring holidays are upon us, I decided to share with you a cute and super easy project you can do with your kiddies.  My friend Tracy did this with her son and shared it with me. (She does super fun projects with her son all of the time and I kind of mooch off of her ;).  Thanks Tracy!)

These are the materials you will need:


1 – Shoebox (I used one from my son’s shoes. It was a small box.  I’m sure an adult size shoe box is fine as well.)

White Paint (I used Crayola washable paint)

White and green construction paper

Pipe Cleaners

Pompoms or Cotton Balls

Googly Eyes (We didn’t have these, so we improvised with buttons we had lying around the house)

***Some of the items are small. Please supervise any materials used by your child.***

Here are the super easy directions:

1. Paint the shoebox white. (I didn’t bother painting the inside since little treats will cover it up.)

2. While it is drying (The Crayola paint dried fast. But test it before you glue anything on it.), draw the bunny ears on the white construction paper. After you cut them out, let your child color them in. My son is still too little to color inside the lines, so he just scribbled on them. Either way is perfect!

3. While your child is coloring the ears, cut out a strip of green construction paper (or any color of your choosing) for the handle.  Tracy used the top of the box to create the handle. Anything you have is perfect!

4. For the whiskers, I cut the pipe cleaner into two 6 inch pieces. For the mouth, I cut a 4 inch piece. You can adjust the sizes depending on the size of the shoebox.

20140416_143416 20140416_143434

5. You can begin to glue all of the pieces to the shoebox. (Use the pictures as a guide for where to glue everything. Or, use your own judgement.) My son didn’t want to use the glue, so I let him go play at this point. I used a hot glue gun. However, if your child is old enough, use regular Elmer’s glue. It will be much safer.

See, I told you: super easy and super cute! And it will be a basket you can use year after year. I was thinking of leaving carrots for the Easter Bunny in it. We’ll see if he leaves a small treat in the basket Easter morning.!

Have fun making your basket. Post any pictures you may have of your finished project.

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Daily Post Challenge #1….About me!

I am participating The Daily Post’s “Zero to Hero” Challenge. It is 30 days of blogging and getting the creative juices flowing.  Today’s challenge is to introduce yourself. Well, Mrs. Z is already one step ahead of the game. Phew! For once since having a baby I am super prepared ;).

For those of you who are new to my blog, you can find out about me in the All About Mrs. Z button on each post I put up. I did write the about me section awhile ago. However, it does a great job of summing up my interests and in what direction I want this blog to go in. I hope you enjoy it! Come back as often as you like :).