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The Mrs. Z Files is on Pinterest!


Good Morning! I hope everyone had an awesome Leap Day! We had so much fun making our Leap Day Time Capsules that will be opened on February 29, 2020!

Now, to the fun news! I am happy to announce that The Mrs. Z Files is on Pinterest! Make sure you follow along with me as I find some pretty cool sites to share with you :). Don’t forget to invite your friends as well!

Thank you all for being amazing readers!

A fun( and very last minute) Thanksgiving Project: Baby Food Jar Turkey

I always do my best work at the last minute. I think things through so much but my best ideas come through when I am down to the wire. Today, I am going to share with you a cute and very easy Thanksgiving gift idea I am going to send my oldest in for his teachers. You can use this for anyone or even as a seating card on Thanksgiving.



Clean baby food jar with the label peeled off

hot glue gun (you can use Elmer’s glue but I was in a pinch and hot glue holds things in place better. If you use a hot glue gun, then this project is NOT for the kiddos.)


Turkey template (Click here for the template I used)


Step 1: Fill the baby food jar with candy corn all the way to the top. Make sure that you can put the lid back on.

Step 2: Cut out the turkey template. Glue the face together. Then Glue the face on to the front of the turkey.

Step 3: On each of the turkey’ feathers I wrote something my son liked about his teachers. We discussed why he was thankful for each of his teachers and then I transferred it on to the feathers. I then hot glued them onto the jar.


**I didn’t paint the lid of the jar. I probably should have to finish the look of the turkey but life got the best of me. (And I covered his teacher’s name. You can never be too careful 😉 .) It still looks cute right?

And there you have a cute and very easy Thanksgiving gift. It is also something from the heart. Aren’t those the best gifts?!

I hope you enjoy making these!

Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend :)

We are a few days away from Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for the beautiful pink sky at sunset last night. The whole world looked pink. The pictures in this post definitely do not do it justice. I am thankful that I got to witness it and that I got to share it with my family.

Here are some other posts about my week of being thankful.

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Isn’t this gorgeous!?
A view sent from God
Look how deep that color is

A bond to be thankful for

I love writing about the things I am thankful for! You only get to do this living thing once. You might as well be thankful for the wonderful parts of your life (and even be thankful for some of the not so wonderful. Your life wouldn’t be the way it is without it).


Today I am thankful for two things. First, I am thankful for the loving bond between my boys. I love seeing their relationship grow as they get older. I love how they hold hands and laugh at each other. I love how my oldest hugs his little brother and says “I love you baby brother”. I love how they play with each other. I hope that they always stay this way until they are old and gray!


I am also thankful for my dog, Petey. He is truly the best dog anyone can ask for. When we adopted him almost five years ago I did not know what to expect. Now looking back, it is the one of the best decisions we have ever made. He is such a loving and gentle dog. He is so calm when both of our boys pet him (well, sometimes it is a little more that just a pet :/ ). And he is always there at the end of the day to cuddle with me after a super busy and exhausting day. We love you Petey!

What are you thankful for today? Comment below!

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A Beautiful Mid-November Morning


Today I am thankful for the cool, crisp air and the fall feel as I took a leisurely stroll with my littlest one this morning. It was only a twenty minute walk but it helped to clear my head and to slow things down for a while.

I am also thankful that the walk helped me to slow down for a bit. I get so caught up in the little things that I forget to stop and look around.

Thank you beautiful fall weather!

Sometimes it is the little things


The gift of words, either the written or spoken kind, is the best in my opinion. Sometimes, though, when it comes to little ones, it seems like nothing is entertaining enough. Or they would rather be playing. I honestly don’t blame them. However, every once in awhile they will say something that lets you know you are definitely doing something right.

This is what happened to me today.
My boys and I were playing on our rug. My oldest said he wanted to make a park with a bridge nearby it. We got to work finding toys that would make a park and a bridge. We were making a bridge out of Legos when I asked him where the bridge was going to take him. He said “to the Bronx”. I was happy just knowing he knew a borough of NYC. After building the bridge he then looked at me and said “I want to make a city of windows Mommy” in his nonchalant, childlike way. At first, I was in awe. A city of windows. How amazing for a kid his age. Then, it dawned on me. And I became that proud and honored teacher . But this time it was for my own little one. I asked him where he got that from and he said ” Mommy, it is from that book in my room you read to me. The purple crayon”. Yes, I have read Harold and the Purple Crayon to him hundreds of times. And there were many times where I thought it fell on deaf ears.

It paid off. Reading to my littles has paid off. Not only has that made the reader, writer, and teacher in me happy. It has made the Mommy in me amazed, ecstatic, and overall proud of my biggest little. A city of windows. Wow. Just plain old wow. Just when you think you aren’t doing enough they throw something like that at you and that’s all you need to keep going.

Keep reading to your little ones. You got this!
Let me know about a time when your little ones amazed you! Comment below :)

***This is a picture of the park and bridge. Bridge made by yours truly. Not too shabby, huh?

Summer fun project!

Summer here is halfway over. It makes me sad that these carefree days are almost over. But there is still a month left. And what better thing to do then to have fun!

Of course, summer days are not always sunny and beautiful. On one of those recent rainy days I wanted to find something fun to do in the house. I came across this on one of those mommy summer hacks post that is going around. It seemed really easy and it really was.

These are the materials you need:
1 bed sheet
Washable paint
Paintbrushes (optional)
Cookie Cutters (optional)
Heavy tape

I first looked in the dollar store for the bed sheet. They didn’t have white, or any light colors for that matter. I wound up going to Target and got a full size white sheet for $14.99. It was slightly more than I wanted to spend. However, since it was a full size, I cut it in half and saved one piece for another time. So , in actuality, it came to $7.50 for each piece. That was the price of the sheet at the dollar store. So it was a win-win.

The rest was pretty easy. I poured the paint into paper bowls. I gave my son paintbrushes to use. You can also use cookie cutters. Or you can use your hands and feet, like mine did. This occupied about 30 minutes. I did think it was going to take longer but he wanted a snack. When he figured out he can paint his hands and feet and then walk all over the sheet he really got into it. I didn’t get a picture of the entire sheet. This was of a small section.

I definitely recommend this project for any kid if any age. Especially with the really hot weather forecasted for this week.

I’d love to see your final products.
Have fun!!

Faded feathers and a box radio


It was a typical morning. Make breakfast. Feed the little ones (and gulp down some food myself). Clean the dishes. Brush teeth. Use the potty (yes, my oldest is almost potty trained!! Woohoo!!). Change diaper. Get dressed. I needed to run some errands that morning but my biggest one was having mini meltdowns. And this is where I decided to play some music. I searched for Copacabana by Barry Manilow and said to my oldest, “Get ready for some fun”. As soon as the song started I started dancing and he followed suit. It was so cute watching him dance and watching my little squeal in delight as he watched. We danced around the house as we got ready. It took us five minutes to leave the house. It usually takes a half hour. This will definitely be a strategy I use from now on.
Later that day we were having dinner and my oldest said ” Mommy, play Lola”. I had to think for a minute. Then it hit me: he was talking about Copacabana. ” Her name was Lola”. Of course I played it. And laughed at how he remembered the song. I then started thinking of my own life. Music has always been a big part of who I am. Some of my first memories involve music. Hearing Frank Sinatra songs was one of my favorites. Every morning my grandparents would turn on their little box radio on top of their refrigerator. I don’t remember the channel, or if it still exists, but 1940s big band music would play throughout the morning. I loved hearing it. My grandfather would listen to big band music on his big radio in the living sometimes. Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, and, of course, Frank Sinatra could be heard. He would sing along. It was comforting to me.

I have gone through different phases of the kinds of music I listen to. But I am happy that my music choice is eclectic. I can listen to anything and pretty much enjoy it. I love that music can make you happy, sad, thoughtful. Just about any emotion.

Music is definitely a large part of my kids’ lives. I hope it remains that way. And I hope “Lola” is one of those songs that when they hear will give them a source of comfort.

** The picture I used was the only thing I had close enough to feathers. A mom always knows how to improvise, even if you are stretching it a lot ;).

Yes, I have been MIA. But for a good reason :)

Hello my wonderful Mrs. Z readers! It is I , Mrs. Z. Many of you are probably wondering where I have been. The Mrs. Z family has now become a party of 4! (Well, party of 5 if you count my dog ;).)
My littlest angel was born on January 6. We had another boy! My biggest angel is now a big brother. Life has been wonderful and crazy these past few months. We are so blessed to have both of our boys. I am truly enjoying and soaking in all of the little moments this time around. I am definitely trying to be more present.
I thought I would share this picture. The simplicity of being a momma.

It was just about a year ago that The Mrs. Z Files was started. I have loved every minute of it. The best part is hearing from my loyal readers. Your comments and thoughts are what drive my posts and creativity. So, I thank all of you for your loyalty.

I promise to post soon. We have many middle of the night feedings and I’ve already thought of some great topics during the midnight hours. Chat with all of you soon!

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