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Happy 2016 from Mrs. Z (Finally!)

I want to say Happy New Year to all of you! It has been such a busy part of life over here in Mrs. Z land. I am trying to not be so hard on myself and I am trying to come to terms that I can not do everything. Writing and this blog are a big part of who I am so I will not be giving it up. You may not see posts from me everyday but know that I am always jotting down new things to write about.

I think about this blog as a third child and I feel so guilty when I don’t give it the time and attention that it deserves. There are times when writing for this blog overwhelms me and that creative energy floes out of me for awhile.

Then I saw this graffiti work on the side of a building a few weeks back and it planted a seed that has begun to grow.


I tried getting the entire pencil, however, I am not a great photographer ;). I loved how it said “No writer should live in fear”. It was such an eye opening phrase for me. I should never let writing get the best of who I am. I know there will be moments in life where I need to focus on other tasks. However, this blog will be my space where I can go to express what is important to me. It will be the place where I can go to share with all of you my thoughts. And, I hope, a place where someone will read something and have that ah-ha moment and know they are not alone and that they can do anything they set their mind to doing.

Here is to a wonderful amazing New Year to all of you! A new year with endless possibilities!

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Sometimes Disney Channel teaches Mommy (or Daddy) a thing or two

A few days have gone by without a posting. I apologize to my readers. I am taking online classes, getting a big guy to school every day, taking care of my little guy all day, and various other daily things. You all know how the day goes. Or better yet, where does the day go? My posts may not be as often but I will definitely be around.

Today’s post will be short. We were relaxing on the couch before bedtime tonight watching Sophia the First. (Yes, my boys love Sophia. I don’t like to expose them to “only boy” things. Boys and girls should be well-rounded, in my opinion.) I wasn’t completely paying attention but the episode was about Sophia’s sister who was getting ready for a party. She was trying too hard to make it perfect and was stressed. The butler said to her “When one tries too hard to be perfect they put the people around them into chaos”.

Well, didn’t that hit home a little too much. I focus way too much on the little things. Is my home the neatest? Nope. it isn’t dirty but it is far from neat. Is my laundry folded and neatly put away? Nope. I have about three loads of laundry that are in dire need of folding. But I am always stressing about how it needs to get done. These young years with my kids are not going to be around forever. And I have been putting everyone around me into a semi-chaotic mantra of “I need to clean this” or “I need to do this”. So, you know what I am going to do tomorrow? Look out the window with my boys and watch the rain fall. Better yet, maybe we will go outside and splash around in the puddles.

I always strive for perfection. However, maybe perfection is not always so orderly and neat. Thank you DIsney Channel yet again for your words of wisdom!

Fiction in 50: The Truth is…..

***Oops! The prompt was suppose to be “The Trouble With…”. Oh well. I don’t know where my mind is. It was so good that I’m going to keep it anyway. Enjoy!
You all know my love for words. So, I am taking on another fiction story written in 50 words. No more. No less.  The prompt for this time is “The Truth Is…”. Let me know what you think.

The truth is it’s the little things that matter most. Laundry and dishes will pile up. Work will become mind numbingly mundane. But in the end all that matters is the laughter. The love. The hugs. The memories.  Time well spent where you were in the moment. That’s the truth.

You should give it a try. It is fun for the brain!

Writing 101 Challenge

Another writing challenge. The power of words. It keeps me grounded in this hectic life. Let’s see how this one goes. Be honest. I’d like feedback on this. A writer should always be open to critiques.

Here is the challenge:

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.


As I held my wife’s hand, I glanced over at a woman perched so elegantly on a park bench. She seemed so deep in thought. Her gray hair pulled tightly back in a bun. Her glasses rested at the end of her nose. As we passed by, our eyes locked. Those crystal blue eyes. Grandma. I hadn’t thought about her in so long. She had been gone for a few years now. What I would give to hear her laugh again. To receive one of her hugs. To hear her stories. To wear that small read sweater one more time for her. I tried to hold it together, however, that one lone tear slipped through. I suddenly felt my wife’s embrace. It was a knowing one. An embrace that let me know it was alright to have the memories. We hugged for what seemed an eternity. We then started up our walk. I glanced back to get one last look. The woman was gone. All that was left was a silver knitting needle glistening in the sun. Grandma.

My husband and I were enjoying one of our lovely walks in the park. It was such a lovely late afternoon stroll. The sky was a perfect blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. I was watching a man play fetch with his dog when my husband gripped my hand just a little bit tighter. I looked over and watched the single tear slide downward. I then caught a glimpse of the woman. The knitted red sweater. I embraced him for I knew it was too much. He was trying to be strong but it was difficult. His grandma gave us this beautiful day. She was definitely with us.

He was my pride. Me was my joy. He still is. My one and only grandchild. What a smart and handsome young man he has grown up to be. I watch him every day. I wonder if he notices. I hope he knows how much he means to me still. For all of eternity he is my precious little man. Our eyes locked. Does he recognize the eyes? I let out a gasp. I need to move on for today. Oh how I love my boy. I will leave a piece of me here so that he knows my love lives on forever. I love you.


I hope you all enjoyed it! :)

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