This is a picture of my dog, Petey. I did not have a picture of the dogs you will read about today. However, I wanted to to include some happiness into this post since I am ranting a lot in it ;).


You all know how I feel about animals, especially dogs. I have talked about my hairy son, Petey, numerous times. For all of you non-dog owners, we dog lovers always refer to our pets as children. The reason why is because they simply are another part of our family.

A few days ago I came across a situation that sent my blood boiling. It was a 90 degree September day and my little one and I met a friend of his and his mom for lunch. It was a great day out and a rather pleasant lunch (especially when it included 2 toddlers).  My son and I walked to our car that was parked by a CVS and I noticed two large dogs tied up on the fence. I wouldn’t have taken much notice, but it was really hot and they were panting on the black top. I went closer and saw they had no tags on and the leashes were pretty ratty and falling apart. I looked around and there was no one in sight. I went into the store to let the manager know about this and she just brushed it off. I told her I was going to buy water and a bowl so they can at least have something to drink. She got bothered by that and told me she didn’t want them disturbed or barking. She did say that she would make an announcement over the loud speaker in case the owner was in the store.

I left the store and was not pleased at all with the manager’s response. I mean, these are living things sitting in the sun on blacktop on a 90 degree day. I understand some people aren’t dog people, but do people just give up on living things that easily? Anyway, I waited outside for about 15 minutes (I had already been there for 15 minutes already) and no one showed  up. I then dialed 311 (which is a general information hotline in NYC) and they redirected me to the ASPCA. Unfortunately, the phone just kept ringing for 2 minutes. I was so frustrated at this point. I then decided to call my veterinarian and see if they could refer me to anyone or place. The woman was very nice and first asked if I wanted to bring them in to see if they had a chip. I said no since the dogs were quite big, I had my son, and I didn’t know if they would attack (they didn’t seem like that type but you never know). She then told me to call my local precinct and they would come to take them.

I was about to call when all of a sudden this woman walks over, takes the leashes and walks away with the dogs. I stood there stunned for a second and then called out to her asking if they were her dogs. She turned around and rolled her eyes at me and left. I then said that I had been standing with them for 45 minutes in the blazing sun and they had no water. There was no response from her and she kept walking. Unbelievable!

As a pet owner I would never leave my dog outside in the extreme heat for 45 minutes ( and that was how long I was there for. Who knows how long they were there before I arrived.).  I also would never take my dog anywhere without proper ID tags. This woman was totally irresponsible and should not own a pet, let alone 2 dogs. I keep thinking about those dogs and hope they live in a good home and that this was just a bad judgement call.

A sweet side note. The entire time we waited by the dogs, my son kept wanting to give them his water cup so they can drink water. He doesn’t speak in complete sentences yet but he would hold the cup towards them and say ” Ruff, Water”. It was really sweet and I hope I have taught him how to be compassionate to those who deserve it.

Please, be kind to animals. If you are not a dog person, that is totally fine. Dogs aren’t for everyone. However, do not treat them the way this woman treated her dogs. Remember: Pets are living things too!

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